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A driver in a car

What to know about the California REAL ID

Kimberly Silverio-Bautista January 27, 2020

A yellow bear logo with a star on your identification card will determine whether you’ll have access to some federal facilities, like federal courthouses, or travel nationally by plane starting on...

A lady

Latina Clothing Line Empowers Women

Kimberly Silverio-Bautista November 21, 2019

San Fernando Valley resident Rachel Gomez realized there was a lack of Latina representation in the fashion industry. She noticed that not only were there were no brands that targeted Latina women, but...

A male student with EOP Program T-shirt

EOP Provides Student Ability to Achieve Success

Kimberly Silverio-Bautista September 25, 2019

Experiencing homelessness twice has kept Jose Andres Miramontes at CSUN for the past four and a half years. He doesn't want his mother, Lorena Vergara, and his sister Jazmin Miramontes, a college graduate...

A bunch people turning on the flashlights on their phones

With Gun Violence on the Rise, Latino Communities Fear for Their Safety

Kimberly Silverio-Bautista September 18, 2019

Since the El Paso mass shooting in August, Latinos have been worried for their safety as they become more and more of a target of gun violence. Part of the Latino population in America is made up of undocumented...

A man cook a big stack of chicken meat

Risky Business: Selling Tacos on the Street

Kimberly Silverio-Bautista September 6, 2019

As the carne asada meat is scooped with two small warm tortillas soaked in oil, Rafael Gonzalez, el taquero, believes opening up a taco stand is worth the risk. Many taqueros in the San Fernando Valley...

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