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A.S. funds night of culture

Krista Daly

March 16, 2010

A.S. allocated $3,000 to the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) for the 25th annual show of Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN). Members of the board discussed Tuesday whether or not to allocate funds to this club and others. “The only reason is because during the last semesters they rec...

New transit subsidy program

Krista Daly

March 16, 2010

The Associated Students (A.S.) internal affairs reported on a new program that was introduced July, 2009 that offered a subsidy on 10-day and monthly public transit passes. This program gives $20 for each student using MTA, AVTA, and Metrolink services. The internal affairs committee sent out a...

Who will be CSUN’s next idol?

Krista Daly

March 10, 2010

CSUN students are bringing their own version of American Idol to campus. “We know CSUN has students with great vocals,” Eliza Rupchian said. “We want to give them the motivation to reach their goal.” Rupchian, along with Camille Rochele, Rita Korkounian, and Terrell Penny, created CSUN...

A.S. responds to criticism of inaction of the March 4 protest

Krista Daly

March 9, 2010

Students and faculty discussed the March 4 walk out during Associated Students open forum, which prompted the student government to voice their opinions on the protests. “It’s important to raise an awareness, shout, and then sit at the table and talk,” said Conor Lansdale, A.S. vice president...

A.S. Supports day of action, not walk outs

Krista Daly

March 2, 2010

A.S. passed a resolution in support of the principles underpinning the March 4 statewide day of action Tuesday but do not condone students walking out of class as a means of protesting. The statewide day of action is a day where students, staff, teachers and parents will work together to protest...

Academic advisement awareness posters, aimed to help students stay on track

Krista Daly

February 28, 2010

Associated Students (A.S.) approved a resolution Tuesday in support of academic advising awareness posters for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students find it difficult to obtain information as they progress in units, which leaves students taking the wrong classes and spending more time in...

A.S. reviews final recycling report

Krista Daly

February 24, 2010

The final report of a recycling feasibility study conducted earlier this year was presented on Tuesday’s Associated Students (A.S.) meeting. “At this point, all we’re looking at, is what could be,” said Conor Landsdale, A.S. vice president. Laurence Kuhn and Tracie Bills from Terra Soluti...

Organization to help student vets approved

Krista Daly

February 16, 2010

Associated Students (A.S.) approved the Student Veteran Organization (SVO) Tuesday along with six other clubs and organizations. “We’ve been trying to start up the organization for two years now, but it’s just come into fruition now,” said Elmer Solis, founder and president of SVO. The ...

Associated Students move to commemorate Haiti survivors

Krista Daly

February 10, 2010

On Tuesday the Associated Students (A.S.) approved a motion to donate $1,000 to the George Clooney Foundation, that will benefit the Hope for Haiti Foundation and the Make It Right Foundation. They also passed a resolution to recognize and commemorate the survivors of Haiti by holding a moment of...

A.S. funds ‘Silent Weekend’ immersion trip

Krista Daly

February 9, 2010

Associated Students (A.S.) approved an additional $500 fund for the Deaf Studies Association for an event called “Silent Weekend.” Silent Weekend is a three-day emersion trip for hearing and deaf students, said Laura Schrenk, president of the Deaf Studies Association. Previous funds fr...

Concert at CSUN to benefit Haiti

Krista Daly

February 2, 2010

A charity concert will be held Feb. 26 on campus to help raise funds for Haiti. “Who better to understand the impact than us?” said Justin Weiss, teaching associate and Unified We Serve coordinator, said in yesterdays Associated Student’s meeting. The money will go to Hope for Haiti, a relief organization backed by George Clooney...

The unique art of belly dancing

Krista Daly

January 31, 2010

While dancing is not unusual hobby, 21-year-old Spanish major Angelina Bolton performs a unique dance: belly dancing. “I had always been interested in it and wanted to learn to be confident and feel more comfortable in my own skin,” Bolton said. Bolton was attracted to the art of belly dancing....

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