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Combatting the MMA Controversy

Mixed Martial Arts' reputation for promoting aggression may steer some parents away from the sport when it comes to signing their kids up for...
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CSUN Matador News – February 25, 2016 – YouTube

The FBI director explains why Apple needs to unlock the encryption codes on the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, and the CDC investigates 14 new...

CSUN Matador News – March 16, 2016

President Obama nominates a federal appeals court judge to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, and the CDC urges doctors to be...

CSUN Matador News – February 24, 2016 – YouTube

Donald Trump wins in Nevada and gets ready for Super Tuesday; Major League Baseball spring training is on for all 30 teams, and for...

Boycott the Oscars

Blacks have not been nominated for an Oscar in a major category for the past two years. On Point reports on the controversy with...

All You Need

On Point looks at romantic love, with psychologist Dr. Andrew Yellen, dating blogger and radio personality Erin Tillman, and Bishop Cecil Richardson of the...

CSUN Matador News – December 1, 2015 – YouTube

Chicago's police chief steps down in wake of last year's police shooting of a young balck man; President Obama returns from climate change convention...

CSUN Matador News – December 2, 2015 – YouTube

Mass shooting in San Bernardino; Mark Zuckerberg gives away billions; CSUN Geology Professor Steve Graves explains high gas prices in California, and EOP counselors...


On Point reports on society's new acceptance of tattoos with restaurant owner Juan Gomez, tattoo parlor owner Cooper, and tattoo apprentice artist Brian.

CSUN Matador News – November 25, 2015

The surviving Russian pilot says Turkey didn't issue warnings before shooting his plane down, and Chicago police release a video showing last year's fatal...

CSUN Matador News – November 24, 2015

French President with Obama; CSUN students react to Black Friday shopping and to new poll on racism in America.
DASH radio DJ Dean Perez and CSUN Journalism Professor Scott Brown.video

The Sound of Music

On Point reports on music streaming services and changes in the music industry, with DASH radio DJ Dean Perez and CSUN Journalism Professor Scott...
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