The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Journalism student dies of cystic fibrosis

Micah Flores May 3, 2007
Zachary Baim, a former Sundial photographer and photojournalism student with aspirations of one day being a professional scriptwriter, died April 25 at USC Medical Center while waiting for a lung transplant. He was 25. Baim, a senior who suffered the effects of cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease that affects breathing passages of the lungs and the pancreas, an organ that helps break down and absorb food, never let his illness affect his attitude.

Students, faculty busted for misuse of placards

Micah Flores March 16, 2007
Teamed up and fanned out across at least a dozen campus parking lot locations on Tuesday, several armed DMV investigators and CSUN police officers were busy citing 24 students and faculty members accused of misusing Disabled Person Parking Placards, according to a DMV spokesman.

Obama comes to Los Angeles

Micah Flores February 21, 2007
Chanting his name, a racially mixed crowd of about 3,000 flooded the perimeter of a makeshift stage, set up on an outdoor basketball court at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex in South Los Angeles. Promoting his bid for the Democratic nomination, U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama made his first trip to Los Angeles on Tuesday since he first announced his prospective candidacy 13 days ago.

Political clubs: Missing in action at CSU Northridge

Micah Flores December 15, 2006
Originally Published September 28, 2006 CSUN students are not known for their involvement in politically motivated clubs and organizations. And with more than 250 on-campus clubs and organizations to choose from, only two - Republicans and Greens - are beginning to actively promote political party involvement, according to the Matador Involvement Center.

Ziggy Marley brings message of love to Hollywood

Micah Flores December 14, 2006
Love is Ziggy Marley's religion. Following in the legendary path of the man (Bob Marley) credited with popularizing reggae music, 38-year-old Ziggy Marley proudly keeps his father's tradition alive. Currently on his "Love Is My Religion" tour, Marley recently delivered another positively-themed message of hope to a near-capacity crowd at Hollywood's Avalon Theatre.

Two generations ready to walk the stage

Micah Flores December 14, 2006
Mark Wiggins, Jr. is on the verge of joining the ranks of three generations of Wiggins family CSUN alumni, but he will not be the only Wiggins receiving a diploma this semester. In less than two weeks, Mark will be graduating together with his grandmother, something that sets him apart from most other soon-to-be graduates.

Interview with a madman on a night of celebration

Micah Flores December 6, 2006
I walked past armed security and into the Beverly Hilton's International Ballroom wearing flip-flops. It was Election Night, and on short notice, I was entering Arnold Schwarzenegger's GOP layer. Everyone at the party was waiting for an official declaration of victory followed by what would turn out to be a brief, yet festive, victory speech.

False alarm at Eucalyptus Hall

Micah Flores November 27, 2006
Students and faculty evacuated Eucalyptus Hall yesterday around 2 p.m. due to a mistakenly activated emergency fire alarm. As students filed out of the building, one Los Angles County fire engine and four CSUN police squad cars responded to the scene. After a short-lived investigation - someone thought they saw smoke - officials determined the source of what turned out to be a false alarm.

Rally rages during Trustees’ meeting

Micah Flores November 17, 2006
As the California State University executives convened inside the Long Beach chamber room, faculty, staff and students were sure to make their presence known yesterday as they loudly taunted the board members in protest. Peering through a window from the outside of the building in, a photo of Chancellor Charles Reed's head - blown up larger than the diameter of a stop sign - was held up for every member of the board, including Reed, to see.

Schwarzenegger celebrates win at Hilton

Micah Flores November 9, 2006
The Beverly Hilton's International Grand Ballroom was radiantly transformed on Tuesday into Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's celebratory GOP headquarters. As curious commoners were banished to the hotel's lobby bar, a sea of well-dressed Schwarzenegger supporters mingled within the heavily guarded ballroom.

Schwarzenegger wins; Dems get House

Micah Flores November 9, 2006
After voting yesterday afternoon at his polling place in Tarzana, Joe Steinschriber, 80, sat alone in the lobby of ONEgeneration Senior Center in Reseda. Originally from Poland, the recent loss of his wife could not keep Steinschriber out of the voting booth.

In the midst of all the politics, a noble proposition

Micah Flores November 6, 2006
There is something attractive about a measure that would put serious restrictions on campaign funding. As voters begin to skim through their election guides, lobbyists are sweating over the limiting details of Prop. 89. The initiative is designed to restrict the wanton donating of influential campaign cash gifts, by special interest groups, to the electoral campaigns they support.
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