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CSUN hosts Latino Legislative Caucus panel

several men pictured sitting at the panel

Nathan Hickling

May 5, 2017

Members of California’s Latino Legislative Caucus spoke to a full crowd at the Oviatt Library Thursday evening discussing how the diversity of California state politics has changed in only a few decades.The panelists spoke on the history of the Latino Legislative Caucus, and the history of Latino...

Preventing rape among deaf and hard of hearing students

students discuss the sexual assualt of deaf and hard of hearing people

Nathan Hickling

April 25, 2017

Deaf and hard of hearing students are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted as their hearing counterparts, according to CSUN counselor Dr. Alison Freeman. Freeman said this is partly due to the uncomfortable conversations about sexual assault that parents of many college students, including those...

After cannabis legalization, CSUN students and faculty turn to research

Photo credit: Alejandro Aranda

Nathan Hickling

April 18, 2017

Since the legalization of cannabis has caused growth and usage in California with the passage of Proposition 64, students and faculty on campus have researched the effects of cannabis legalization.One CSUN professor, Rachel Giraudo, has studied cannabis legalization for years. She first delved into can...

“SILA: Gatekeepers of the Arctic” airs on campus

Gamma speaks with the small crowd after the movie

Nathan Hickling

April 16, 2017

CSUN students and faculty gathered on Thursday for a display of Swedish filmmaker Corina Gamma’s documentary showing the effects of climate change on Greenland.Gamma spent half a year in Greenland speaking to native fishers and hunters who have been affected by changes due to the warming climate...

Town hall discusses black education on campus

Black graduation. File Photo, The Sundial

Nathan Hickling

April 15, 2017

CSUN students met in the USU Grand Salon on Thursday to discuss the university’s commitment to black students.The panel, which consisted of several CSUN alumni and students, answered questions and responded to comments from the audience, on topics such as graduation rates and connecting with campus res...

Students on campus to campaign at March for Science

members of students for science pose for a photo outside of the education building

Nathan Hickling

April 11, 2017

Scientists are not the only ones feeling left out by recently proposed cuts to science and the arts - CSUN students are also reacting. One group on campus, Students for Science, is looking to get students involved in protesting the cuts, and is starting with the upcoming March for Science in downtown. “There’s...

UPenn professor sheds light on race and political discourse

John Jackson gives a lecture at csun

Nathan Hickling

April 7, 2017

CSUN welcomed anthropologist and activist Dr. John L. Jackson Jr. on Wednesday, who spoke on the importance of diverse opinions in the current political climate.“The word today is conversation,” Dr. Eli Bartle, who introduced Jackson, said.Jackson is the author of several books on race relation...

Short film “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” premieres at CSUN

People sit in rows as man presents after the film

Nathan Hickling

March 28, 2017

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” a short film following a day in the life of a black American, premiered Monday night at CSUN, which began a discussion on police brutality and the treatment of African-American men. The screening was followed by comments from the audience about the lives of black Angelenos...

CSUN grad shares knowledge on being published

Christie Loscin sits at her desk and poses for a photo

Nathan Hickling

March 28, 2017

If you ask her what inspired her to write her new novel, Cristie Locsin will tell you she is simply a storyteller.“It’s more of like a storytelling and a heritage,” she said of "The Value of Equality," which takes place in the Philippines in 1969.Locsin is a CSUN alumni who originated ...

CSUN to launch faculty/student built satellite to space

The CSUNSat1 will extend the potential lifetime of power systems, lower spacecraft mass, and lower power requirements. Courtesy of, The CSUNSat1 website.

Nathan Hickling

March 14, 2017

CSUNSat1, a collaboration between the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and CSUN, will be launched into space on March 21 as part of NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI). “Ninety percent of the satellite was built from scratch from students under our supervision,” CSUN professor James Flynn,...

Measure S defeated and Measure H passed in low-turnout election

woman protests with poser that reads,

Nathan Hickling

March 9, 2017

Tuesday night saw Los Angeles voters reject Measure S, the controversial measure which would have placed a two-year moratorium on high-density development in the city.The measure lost by almost 40 points, with the final vote tally at 68 percent of voters voting no and 31 percent voting yes.Measure H, the LA Cou...

States free to interpret Title IX against transgender students

still of the gender inclusive bathrooms in the Oasis center

Nathan Hickling

March 7, 2017

In May of 2016, the U.S. Justice Department, under the direction of former Attorney General Eric Holder, announced that Title IX of the Educational Attainments Act of 1972 applied to transgender students. Students may be familiar with Title IX, which states that “No person in the United States s...

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