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AS funded Matabots trip to Kentucky

Nick Griffin May 8, 2019

Associated Students funded the Matador Robotics Club’s trip to the VEX Robotics World Championship in Kentucky, one of nine states banned from receiving California state funds due to LGBT discriminatory...

Associated Students propose Meatless Mondays

Nick Griffin March 29, 2019

Associated Students has proposed an initiative to include meatless food options at all restaurants across campus in an effort to reduce the environmental effects of animal-based food processing and expands...

Two students asking questions

‘Matadors Stronger Together’ candidates want to improve communication among students and staff

Nick Griffin March 27, 2019

The president and vice president of the activist group Students for Political Decency at CSUN are now looking to expand their executive roles into Associated Students by running for president and vice...

Two students asking questions

‘Rise Up’ candidates want to better equip students for graduation

Nick Griffin March 27, 2019

A small business owner and an AS senator are among the candidates in this year's Associated Students election, and are looking to expand career-building resources and social networking opportunities at...

A general meeting in a department.

Students will vote on fee increases

Nick Griffin February 24, 2019

Students will vote on three separate fee increases on the 2019 CSUN election ballot that will determine if Associated Students and the Klotz Student Health Center will respectively cut services. During...

The Red Couch Tour returns to CSUN

Nick Griffin February 9, 2019

After a nine-year absence, CSUN’s Associated Students (AS) brought back an in-person, open-air forum for students to raise their voices.Known as the Red Couch Tour, this recurring event allows students...

A general meeting in a department.

A look into the Associated Students budget

Nick Griffin January 29, 2019

The Associated Students (AS) allocated a $7.5 million budget to fund school services and extracurricular activities on and off campus last spring, a budget that was approved during the Associated Students'...

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