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StatLab: Top Ten Donations to CSUN

Nicolette Hinojos March 20, 2015

Today in StatLab we reveal the largest donations made to CSUN and show where those donations have gone. Many organizations and people have donated to CSUN over the past years and two of the donors in our...

Abdullah Alkadi was last seen on Sept. 17 near his home in the 9900 block of Reseda Boulevard in Northridge.

Defense in Alkadi murder asks for more time

Nicolette Hinojos January 21, 2015

Agustin Fernandez was charged with murder on Oct. 20 last year in connection with the murder of Alkadi and his defense asked for a preliminary hearing set in April 2016 citing new and incoming evidence. "I...

Handing out the awards: A recap of People’s Choice and The Golden Globes

Nicolette Hinojos January 20, 2015

The People's Choice Awards and the Golden Globes has already started off this years award season on a comedic, slightly political, foot.The People's Choice Awards started off with a bang with performances...

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