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turtles shown in their temporary habitat

Costly renovation to accommodate non-native animals

A highly priced makeover for CSUN's pond is underway due to the excess of non-native animals.
Loretta Sanchez pictured with her hand in the air saying her oaths

Senate candidate Sanchez’s push for affordable education

The current U.S. congresswoman discussed affordable education, water conservation and other issues she would like to address.
Group of men and women carry signs in protest

Tentative CFA, CSU salary agreement includes increases for all faculty, strike...

The CFA and CSU came to a tentative agreement during their 48-hour media blackout, which in turn called off the strike.
Group of demonstrators rally together

Strike Talk—legal guide to talking about strike

As the strike dates approach faculty and students are encouraged to know the do's and don't as individuals.
Woman shakes hands with German Shepard

Therapy dogs used to rescue stress with midterms on mind

Therapy dogs visited the Oasis Wellness Center to help ease student stress with the upcoming midterms.

A.S. announces a stance on sexual assault, new transfer student requirements

Associated students discussed new requirements for transfer students, a stance on sexual assault, emerging markets and discounted Uber rides for students who attend the transportation summit

A.S. hosts conference, encourages high schoolers to pursue college

Associated Students invited local high schools to a conference to encourage students to pursue higher education and get involved on campus.

Associated Students discuss election kick-off, campus transportation improvement

A.S. plans for the upcoming Associated Student Election, CSU negotiation talks and possible public transportation improvements.

State senator proposes bill to improve 4-year grad rates in California

The California senator visited CSUN today to announce the bill.

Students learn the power of their words

USU hosts annual “Change your words, change the world” week to educate students the importance of using inclusive language

USU members host a week of events to encourage inclusive language

The daily events for "Change Your Words, Change the World” week is planned to educate students about using more inclusive language.

CSU Faculty release potential strike date

California Faculty Association members will go on strike in April if they do not come to an agreement with the California State University management regarding faculty salary increases
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