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Letter to the Editor


September 20, 2009

Letter to Reporter To: Joseph Glatzer After reading your article, “Free education? It’s in the pork?” I have to say I have a different opinion to your argument.  I will dissect each premise that you convey towards each argument in your article. Point #1: "One such loophole is the ability f...

Letters to the Editor


September 15, 2009

Dear Editor and CSUN community, Thursday’s “So whose pleasure is it anyway?” “Sex Talk” article was appalling.  There must be a better way to get students to read the Sundial than showing a woman’s head in a man’s crotch and asking students intimate details about their sexual prefere...

We support Obama because he supports us


September 11, 2009

We’re not health care experts. And even if we were, our endorsement of, or opposition to the health care reform being considered in Washington, D.C. might still fall on deaf ears. After all, plenty of health care experts have already disagreed on this highly-partisan issue. Indeed, whether you...

Statement regarding recent Web site comments


September 11, 2009

It has come to the Daily Sundial’s attention that several comments on three stories posted on Sept. 10, “Examining the role blow jobs play in relationships,” "Metrolink memorial to take place Saturday at Stoney Point Park," and "CSUN Director of Admissions and Records Eric Forbes, injured in Metrolink accident a year ago, reflects on his experience," originated from the same IP...

Have a question about sex you’re too scared to ask?


September 8, 2009

Have any questions about sex and/or human sexuality that you are too embarrassed to ask and you want the opinion of an expert. You can email your anonymous questions to and a committee from The Center for Sex and Gender Research will review your question and provide a response...

Embrace the life we are forced to have


August 29, 2009

The current recession has done one consistent thing for everyone in California. It has made us angry. Whether we are angry about getting fired from our jobs, angry that we have less money in our savings accounts than we did before, angry about budget cuts at the California primary, secondary and collegiate...

Staff Editorial: What are you going to do about it?


August 21, 2009

At the start of this summer we faced the worst stage of our financial crisis.  News was saturated with continuous Wall Street woes, business' crumbling and storefronts becoming vacant.  Jobs were lost every Friday, as it became the worst day of the week rather than the one people looked forward to. ...

Links to past Esha Momeni stories


August 14, 2009

Grad student imprisoned in Iran A 28-year-old communications grad student working on her master’s degree thesis in Iran about the country’s women’s rights movement was arrested by Iranian police and detained without bail last week. Iranian-American grad student faces difficulties retu...

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