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Best Cellphone Provider

1st Place Verizon 2nd Place At&T 3rd Place T-Mobile

Best Cellphone

1st Place Iphone 2nd Place Blackberry 3rd Place Droid

Best Car

1st place Audi 2nd Place Honda Civic 3rd Place Honda Accord

Best Video Game

1st Place Call of Duty 2nd Place Wii Fit games 3rd Place Super Mario Brothers

Best Sports Bar

1st Place Hooters 2nd Place The Pub 3rd Place Chili’s

Best Radio Station

1st Place KIIS FM 2nd Place KROQ 3rd Place Power 106

Best Place to Meet Someone

1st Place Starbucks 2nd Place Class 3rd Place Northridge Mall

Best Music Store

1st Place iTunes 2nd Place Amoeba 3rd Place Best Buy

Best Movie Theater

1st Place AMC 2nd Place Pacific Winnetka 21 3rd Place Arclight

Best Getaway Afar

1st Place Las Vegas 2nd Place Hawaii 3rd Place San Diego

Best Local Getaway

1st Place Malibu 2nd Place Santa Monica Pier 3rd Place Santa Barbra

Best Game System

1st Place Wii 2nd Place Playstation 3 3rd Place XBOX 360
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