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Reporter interviews professor Bluestein about her new documentaryvideo

Documentary screening centers ‘Agness Underwood: First Lady of the Newsroom’

CSUN journalism professor produces documentary on Agness underwood, first female to run a newspaper filled with male reporters.
Little boy comforts his mothervideo

Haitian immigrants find refuge in Mexico

Immigrant surge may result in Mexican economy rising.
Berta Alicia Garcia (mother to a missing daughter) speaks on Valley View Newsvideo

Protest group visits CSUN and other college campuses

CSUN students help protest group who are bringing awareness to corruption in Mexico.
Car crash victim being interviewedvideo

Northridge tops list for dangerous intersections

The intersection of Reseda and Devonshire is number one on the list of most dangerous intersections in California
Photo shows people cheering and taking photosvideo

Libertarian party candidate holds a rally

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson held a rally for his supporters after the recent presidential debate.
Woman speaks about escape roomsvideo

Escape rooms gain massive popularity

The trend of escape rooms are becoming more mainstream and are slowly gaining steam.
Reporter shown at Wells Fargo bankvideo

Wells Fargo controversy causes resignation of CEO

Wells Fargo employees have been creating fake bank accounts in order to meet their quotas.
Woman shown being interviewed on gentrificationvideo

Gentrification of Los Angeles Creates New Troubles for Low Income Families

The gentrification of Los Angeles is happening in numerous cities within the Los Angeles area.

CSUN Making the Move Toward Cultural Housing

CSUN could possibly be considering creating an ethnic themed living community in the dorms.
People shown protesting prison abusevideo

Activists Protest Abuse in the Prison System

Protestors gather in Los Angeles to support prisoners around the country in fighting for better treatment.

After school program helps kids stay out of trouble

The Los Angeles Police Department starts a program for children to keep them focused on school and off the streets.
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