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A Passover experience that one girl is sure to remember

Wire editor

April 21, 2005

Passover commemorates the liberation, or exodus, of Jews from slavery in Egypt. It also celebrates spring and rebirth. The holiday is celebrated at home, at a dinner called the seder. Before dinner is eaten, the story of the exodus is retold by reading from a prayer book called a haggadah. During the readi...

USU board needs to rethink ‘Pimpin’ award’

Wire editor

March 14, 2005

Whatever happened to the "Employee of the Month" award or certificates of appreciation? Apparently, they are too pass? for University Student Union Board of Directors Chairperson Bobby Rodgers. Rodgers periodically awards his hard-working colleagues with the coveted "Keepin' It Pimpin'" award. I und...

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