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Eco-friendly universities

Yazmin Cruz

August 31, 2009

An L.A. Times article titled "Sierra Club's top 20 eco-friendly colleges include 3 in California" recently caught my attention. Of course, the first university I thought about was not CSUN but UC Berkley. I think it's the hippie vibe that they exude up north that made me think of them. Berkley ranked eighth. ...

Implementation to Gmail scheduled for mid-semester

Yazmin Cruz

August 30, 2009

CSUN students will be switching over to Gmail during the 2009 fall semester. “The transition is near completion,” said Chris Xanthos, senior director for Project Management and Application Services. “We are finalizing the details. Our target is to switch over mid fall semester.” Xanthos planned to transition to the new e-mail system by the end of th...

Electronic textbooks viable alternative to pricey hard copies?

Yazmin Cruz

August 25, 2009

Business law students will be able to choose between e-books and traditional hardcopy textbooks this semester after the business law department reached an agreement with publishers. “The department is aware of the burden it is for students to buy textbooks and so we are facing this head-on by implementing electronic textbo...

Faculty asks ‘what’s next’ at furlough Q & A ,the CFA sponsored event that sparked heated discussion among its attendees

Yazmin Cruz

August 24, 2009

As faculty and professors from different California State University (CSU) campuses met with California Faculty Association (CFA) leaders for a question-and-answer session at CSUN, bickering and twittering took place. But in the end many vowed to take action. More than 75 faculty and professors attended the event, which was held in the Orange G...

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed skips White House Event

Yazmin Cruz

August 21, 2009

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed did not attend an event on education hosted by CSUN where students planned to protest tuition hikes and furloughs. Reed had been scheduled to attend the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, held at the Orange Grove Bistro; the...

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