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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

U.S. should stop Pakistan support

Zabie Mansoory November 27, 2007
Why does our government support foreign governments who oppress and depress democracy? Is it because we don't know any better, or we just want to buy ourselves into more trouble than we can handle? Do we really have an extra $10 billion left over from the children's health care program? Oh wait, I forgot, we didn't fund the children's health care program so we could give the $10 billion to Pakistan.

Bush’s veto could restrict reporters

Zabie Mansoory October 23, 2007
On Tuesday the House passed the Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 also know as reporters' shield act, which backs the right of reporters to protect the confidentiality of sources in most federal court cases, saying that the right was crucial to a free and effective press.

California should be willing to pay more sales tax for health care

Zabie Mansoory October 18, 2007
Health care, two words that dominate the center stage from Sacramento to Washington. But in reality nobody is doing anything about it. President George W. Bush did not even sign the bill that would have covered almost 4 million uninsured children. Last week, both the House and Senate passed the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007 or CHIPRA with significant bipartisan support.

Ramadan more than just fasting

Zabie Mansoory September 13, 2007
Today, about seven million Muslim Americans start fasting for an entire month. Muslims throughout the world abstain from eating, drinking and sexual activity from dawn to sunset. But more importantly, Ramadan is the time for self-reflection and self-purification.

Bin Laden lives six years after attacks?

Zabie Mansoory September 11, 2007
Six years ago, I was in homeroom class when I heard about the tragic news of Sept. 11. Later that week, I found out that the country where I lived most of my life was being bombed because some so-called Muslim living in a cave gave the go-ahead. I remember being called hateful names at school to the point that my parents were scared for my safety.

‘L.A. eight’ case another government failure

Zabie Mansoory February 7, 2007
Last week, a federal immigration judge dismissed the government's case against two Palestinian men arrested with six other residents because of their alleged connections to Palestinian terrorists 20 years ago. Judge Einhorn, of the Los Angeles Immigration Court, executed an order to terminate the deportation proceedings against Khader Hamide and Michel Shehadeh, long time residents of the United States.

State of the Iraq War

Zabie Mansoory January 31, 2007
Last week, President George W. Bush's seventh State of the Union address was just another national disaster. Although he asked for bipartisanship, he also told Democrats, " just follow me." I thought the problem was very obvious. Mr. Bush has shown no interest in bipartisanship, and his domestic agenda was set years ago, with huge tax cuts for wealthy Americans and crippling debt for the country.

Iraq Study Group, seriously

Zabie Mansoory December 14, 2006
Last week, the Iraq Study Group issued a set of 79 recommendations for President Bush to improve the disaster in Iraq and to prevent regional conflict in the Middle East. One of the key points it brought up was while restoring internal stability is needed, it will not be possible without outside help.

Students gather for Matador Nights

Zabie Mansoory December 13, 2006
Night life stopped by CSUN on Saturday when more than 1,200 students gathered at the Satellite Student Union to participate in the University Student Union's Matador Nights. "It is great that they are providing a place for students to hang out," said senior music major Thomas Gilbert.

Military tactics to change for better

Zabie Mansoory December 11, 2006
Congratulations President Bush, you have finally picked someone with a brain to head your military. You have finally admitted your ignorance and brought in someone who has some knowledge about intelligence and war. Just hours after the bipartisan Iraq Study Group released their findings on Dec.

Constitutional Rights vs. Right-Wing Pundits

Zabie Mansoory December 11, 2006
Have you ever been discriminated against or hated by others every day? If you answered yes, I am very sorry to hear that. But sadly enough, that is something Muslim-Americans have to deal with on a daily basis. Just a few weeks ago I wrote an article about Keith Ellison, the first Muslim who got elected in congress.

How possible is it to bring peace in the Middle East?

Zabie Mansoory December 7, 2006
I know what you are going to say: How can peace and Middle East fit in the same line? I am here to let you know that it is possible if both sides are willing. Israelis and the Palestinians agreed on a cease-fire Nov. 26, aiming to lead to first talks between leaders from both sides since June, when the deadly attack on Lebanon started.
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