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Going Back to College with Hengame Abassi: Journalist Persian Jafari

Tiago Barreiro, Video Editor December 23, 2020

In this season’s fifth and final episode of “Going Back to College with Hengame Abassi,’’ Hengame talks to Persian Jafari, a 52-year-old retired journalist originally from Iran. Jafari started...

Def Phloetry Jam: Uplifting Black Voices Through Poetry

Alpha Epsilon Chapter President, Donovan Lewis hosts the virtual Def Phloetry Jam on Thursday, Sept. 24.
Yasmine Cardenas, Reporter September 30, 2020

Students and creatives tuned in for the annual Alpha Phi Alpha Def Phloetry Jam on Thursday, Sept. 24 via Zoom. Those in attendance presented poetry, spoken word and rap that touched on the theme of perseverance...

The Real Influencers – bell hooks

Fatimah Jackson, Contributor September 25, 2020

“The Real Influencers” is a series that highlights important figures whose ideas and work continue to be relevant to younger generations. Every episode is released to coincide with the figure’s birthday....

La Llorona

Contributor November 19, 2018

Fernando Antonio Martinez, grad student Once I dreamt I was nine years old, stuffed in an eight-seat Chevy Astro with nine other people Cruising down the empty streets of Guanajuato in the dead of...

The Adventurous World

rainbow hair drawing
Contributor November 19, 2018

Minley Moradian, graphic design major, sophomore“The Adventurous World” When I am asleep I visualize myself being a professional artist, working with different companies by doing what I love....

Wild Flower (Born To Be Wild)

glass helmet
Contributor November 19, 2018

Iris Peretz, an art major, seniorThis sculptural piece named "Wild Flower (Born To Be Wild)" actually came to me in a dream. I was in bed with my husband and had a dream about a flowing artwork made from...

True Magic

painting of a woman
Contributor November 19, 2018

Ariella Kaniel, seniorMy concept is a true inspiration to the magic that manifests in the darkest hour. It lights up the sleeping subconscious. To illustrate this, I painted an underwater scene as an allegory...

Déjà Vu

male singer
Contributor November 19, 2018

Salma Bustos, electronic media management major, sophomoreOnce I dreamt about an experience that at the time I didn’t know would happen to me in the future. I had dreamt that I had been walking down...

Once they dreamt…

Contributor November 19, 2018

Noemi Tovar Terrazas, grad studentSerene days and a night gone by.So much to say, yet I find so little time.Watching the birds on a sunset cold and steep,She lost hope and fell blindly to his feet.What...

Land of Fantasy

Contributor November 19, 2018

Laurenze Dela Luna, psychology honors, seniorAre we dreaming or are we awake, every single day of our lives?Or are we simply living in a world with deception and lies?In my dreams I can be mistakened just...

Liberty & Ego

kitchen appliances
Contributor November 19, 2018

Holly Stuczynski, senior"Liberty"Dreams seem to be an extension of my daily process, worries, tasks. I dream of being able to have the power over the endless chores, taking control of the tools that encapsulate...

Neither Toil nor Spin

Contributor November 19, 2018

Christian Barragan, screenwriting major, sophomoreResist the weight so grudgingly defined; To stand alone is not upon our will. Hold firm, with steady hands upon your mind. The proud, with none to fight...

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