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  • October 22CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 3,600 new cases, 18 dead in L.A. County

Sunset Sessions: Clancy

A female singer singing in a studio

PJ Shahamat, Brendan Reed-Crabb, and Geovanni Botticella

October 19, 2019

On Sunset Sessions this week, Pop artist, Clancy, and her band come in for an intimate performance of her songs. The group blends alternative pop vocals, soulful piano, moving bass parts, and tight electric drums to bring a riveting performance of some unreleased songs. Every week we invite musicians to ...

Need a Hand: CSUN Students Engineer a Prosthetic Arm

A handshake with a robotic arm

Andrea Esparza

October 18, 2019

CSUN mechanical engineering student senior project is to build and enhance a prosthetic arm.


An army group in formation waiting for instruction

Brendan Reed-Crabb

October 17, 2019

Students in the Reserves Officer Training Corps share about what they do, and how the program has impacted them in their college career.

Sunset Sessions: Lancer Roscoe

three guys playing different instruments

PJ Shahamat, Brendan Reed-Crabb, Geovanni Botticella, and Logan Bik

October 14, 2019

Lancer Roscoe is a collective that blends dynamic harmonies, pleasant guitars, and modern sounds. This week a few of their members came in to play a few songs from their diverse catalog. Every week we invite musicians from the San Fernando Valley to come in, have a conversation and play an acoustic set...

Sunset Sessions: Steve Francell

A man playing guitar and singing at the same time

PJ Shahamat, Brendan Reed-Crabb, and Logan Bik

September 27, 2019

Steve Francell is the eclectic member of the multigenre band Negro Galacticus. This week Steve came in and played songs from the different projects he's worked on including some unreleased tracks. Every week we invite musicians from the San Fernando Valley to come in, have a conversation and play an...

Sunset Sessions: Beach Freaks

A group of male students playing instruments together

PJ Shahamat, Brendan Reed-Crabb, and Logan Bik

September 7, 2019

Beach Freaks are a surf rock group from the San Fernando Valley. This week they came in and played songs from their debut EP and forthcoming album. Every week we invite musicians from the San Fernando Valley to come in, have a conversation and play an acoustic set of their favorite songs they've released. Songs: Pa...

The Gig Economy

A group of people protesting on campus

Brendan Reed-Crabb and Andrea Esparza

August 30, 2019

The gig economy has created a new wave of activism within the digital world. The work ethics of driving service apps such as Uber and Lyft are highly controversial as former workers are protesting, claiming they have been mistreated and taken advantage of by the companies. Watch the video to learn mo...

Naila and the Uprising

A lady

Jessica Hernandez

May 6, 2019

"Naila and the Uprising" is a film about the role Palestinian women played in the 1987 intifada uprising that occurred in the Gaza Strip in reaction to the unjust conditions under the Israeli occupation. Professor Rana Sharif and other faculty members followed a screening of the film at CSUN with...

Mysterious rooster appears on campus

A rooster

Andrea Esparza

May 6, 2019

The rooster has reportedly been on campus since Monday, staying primarily at the lawn behind Manzanita Hall. There is no information as to how the rooster made its way to campus. Animal Services has been contacted, but cannot rescue the animal as they do not collect birds. ...

Beyond the Bin: An inside look at the recycling process at CSUN

A bunch of trash and

Elaine Sanders

April 26, 2019

Sundial Reporter Andrea Esparza follows CSUN's recycling from the Sustainability Center to its vendor Golden State Fiber Recycling company Investigating whether or not our recycling is truly being recycled.*

International office’s Coffee Hour

A person pouring coffee in a cup during an event

Dalal Alrashed

April 20, 2019

The International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) is an organization that provides a great benefit to the CSUN community. The purpose of the IESC is to promote cross-cultural exchange through international study, and so the organization offers support for international students and scholars. ...

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