The Sundial

Students play role in Envision 2035 planning by snapping photos

Robert McDonald

October 22, 2004

The Envision 2035 Master Planning Committee has sent out 49 camera-bearing students to take pictures of the campus in order to find out what students like and what they think needs to be changed about the campus?s physical appearance.?We wanted to give students an opportunity to influence the physical look...

Santa Monica memorial honors U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Ben Miller

October 22, 2004

An American flag gently drapes over a coffin sitting in finely groomed sand, as a helmet and boots sit by its side. ?Taps? plays in the background, and the about 1,000 white crosses staked in the ground symbolize America?s newest fallen soldiers.Since Feb. 15, the Veterans for Peace in Los Angeles have bee...

‘Rhythms of the Heart’ symposium planned for caregivers of special needs children


October 22, 2004

CSUN will host a one-day symposium for parents and caregivers of special needs children on Saturday, Oct. 16. The second annual ?Rhythms of the Heart? symposium is being hosted by Stillpoint Resources and CSUN?s Center of Achievement for the Physically Disabled.About 200 teachers, parents and therapists ...

Forensics team faces cuts in travel budget

Fabiola Cruz

October 22, 2004

Each semester, the Speech and Debate (Forensics) Team participates in several tournaments held nationwide. Becky Opsata, director of Forensics, said she requested $40,000 for their budget this year, but only received $16,000. The money is used to pay the team?s travel expenses, Opsata said. ...

Dodgers’ performance leaves fans with bummed-out blues


October 22, 2004

Being a Dodgers fan is a lot like being in an abusive relationship that you just refuse to leave. You know that you are setting yourself up for disappointment, yet you refuse to let go. Eventually, the breakup ends up being painful, and letting go takes a while. Seeing someone else is just impossible...

Technology does not improve teaching

Sue Davis

October 22, 2004

This is my first semester with teachers who use PowerPoint in every class, and eight weeks into the semester, I am ready to start screaming like someone in Eminem?s ?Just Lose It? video.I know it seems like a cool technology at first glance. No writing on the board, no flipping overhead transparenci...

Quality of education suffers with charter schools


October 22, 2004

Instead of addressing the problems of public education across the nation, educators and politicians are washing their hands and handing the problem on to the private sector, so they can experiment with the education of our youth.Considered an educational experiment only 10 years ago, many states have...

Schools not actively promoting voter registration info to students

Jaclyn Houghton

October 14, 2004

As the deadline for voter registration in this year?s presidential election approaches, only 17 percent of the 249 U.S. universities surveyed are in strict compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1998, which states that colleges and universities receiving federal funds must make a ?good faith ef...

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