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Life in Brazil versus Los Angeles; a world apart

defaultuser April 7, 2006

Every once in a while, I'll have a recollection of someone more experienced than myself explaining how I should travel before life burdens me down with responsibility and ambitions that would prevent me...

Without the right Rhodes, CSUN could be lost

Ivan Yeo April 7, 2006

Dan Rhodes has come quite a long way, from the quiet town of Chesapeake, Va. to the west coast as a member of the Cal State Northridge men's volleyball team, where he hopes to help the Matadors achieve...

Run-off election for A.S. President, VP

Joseph Wilson April 7, 2006

The Associated Students and University Student Union online election ended the night of April 5 with neither presidential or vice presidental slate receiving 50 percent or more of the vote necessary to...

CSUN American Indian student numbers questioned

Mike Siciliano April 7, 2006

American Indian students are underrepresented on campus, said Tim Belfield, former president of the American Indian Student Association. CSUN has not kept accurate information about the actual number of...

Gay night life shouldn’t leave you stuck in WeHo

defaultuser April 6, 2006

So you and your friends have decided that you want to make it a fun-filled, homosexual evening but you are not completely sure where you want to go? Well, there are many gay clubs and bars in West Hollywood...

Breadcrumbs and arias with Humperdink flair at CSUN

defaultuser April 6, 2006

The music took center stage as it silhouetted stellar performances of Gretel, played by Yvonne Fiedler, and Hansel played by Aubrey Cole's. as the orchestra providing music that smoothly transitioned each...

Mexican folk dance at CSUN PAC

Taline Helwajian April 6, 2006

The Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN will present its third annual Folklor de Mexico at the Performing Arts Center Friday. Performances will include music, dance and theater from various regions of Mexico....

Taste of Chaos, metallic and gritty

Mary-Alex Andrusco April 6, 2006

Like moths to the flame, Crowds drew to the Taste of Chaos tour stage, in Long Beach last Thursday, in search of heavy metal. Roadies and technicians, complete with all-access passes dangling from their...

Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt

Maliha Jafri April 6, 2006

Religious groups and state courts are struggling with the issue of same-sex couples adopting children. The Roman Catholic bishops in Massachusetts are seeking an exemption from state anti-bias laws to...

Gay couples wonder if ‘I do’ will ever be legal

Carol Morales April 6, 2006

In the five years they have known each other, 18-year-old Sarah McIlvaine and Autumn Benson dated, committed to a long-term relationship and began to talk about living together, but now wonder if they...

Majority of the country not ready for gay athletes

Justin Satzman April 6, 2006

The world has been a place that has not been kind to homosexuals and the professional sports world is no different. In fact, out of millions of athletes throughout the years, ESPN lists some notable gay...

Same-sex marriage still mostly illegal in U.S.

Mike Siciliano April 6, 2006

Despite the many attempts to challenge laws banning same-sex marriages, the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to rule on the constitutionality of the topic and set a nationwide precedent, said Christopher Shortell,...

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