The Sundial

Sticks and stones . . . but words will never hurt me

William Kammer

December 15, 2006

Imagine a society where we are not allowed to talk about the president. We can't talk about abortion or war. Because of the fear of offending people or the fear of a violent uprising, we don't talk about politics, and there is no way we could possibly talk about religion. This is the kind of societ...

Starting professor pay varies greatly at CSUs

Daniel Harju

December 15, 2006

Entry-level salaries for tenure-track professors in different disciplines at CSUN vary by as much as $30,000, the 2005-2006 salary report suggests, a trend that reflects market forces largely outside of the university's control. Accounting, business, economics and mechanical engineering are among th...

Best of Photography Fall 2006


December 15, 2006

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Game for the Ages: CSUN scores 159 points

Ivan Yeo

December 15, 2006

If you want to know how unbelievable Wednesday's 159 point game was, here are a few facts: CSUN scored 73 points, all by the first half, and not only shattered its highest single-game point total, which was 123 against U.S. International on Dec. 28, 1991, its second year in NCAA Division I, they annihilated it...

Of a walk across the road . . .

Maliha Jafri

December 15, 2006

Originally Published Sept. 7, 2006 We decided it was time we had nice fish fries and curry for lunch that afternoon and so we started on our quest. The air conditioner in the car wheezed, unsuccessfully trying to suck out all that heat from within. It was when I was adjusting the vent of the AC that...

Matadors humiliate conference rival 5-0

Ivan Yeo

December 15, 2006

Originally Published October 2, 2006 The CSUN men's soccer team continued to make Matador Soccer Field the house of horrors for Big West Conference nemesis UC Santa Barbara on Sept. 27. The Matadors jumped on the Gauchos early and often. The Matadors scored three goals in the first half and refused ...

Going Pro

Dennis Mahan

December 15, 2006

var uslide_show_id = "06391b16-17c8-47b7-8642-1b299a776870";var slideshowwidth = "468";var linktext = ""; Taylor Canel, senior midfielder and co-captain of the 2006 CSUN men's soccer team, can't think of many things he loves more than playing soccer. It's the reason why he transferred to CSUN. He played...

Matadors sweep Xavier, lose to UNLV

Debby von Winckelmann

December 15, 2006

Originally Published September 12, 2006 The CSUN women's volleyball team split its two matches in the UNLV Invitational Tournament held at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas on Sept. 8 through Sept. 9. The Matadors opened up Sept. 8 with a win over the Xavier Musketeers, but fell short against their hos...

Matadors win shootout against Pepperdine

Ivan Yeo

December 15, 2006

Originally Published November 21, 2006 Turns out playing Redlands was a huge benefit to the Cal State Northridge men's basketball team while playing Pepperdine. The Matadors faced the advanced version of the "press-n-shoot" system used by the Waves Saturday afternoon at the Matadome. The game lived up to it...

The real meaning of ghetto

OnTay Johnson

December 15, 2006

Originally Published Nov. 15, 2006 Last week I was riding with a friend and his wife and they were talking about Halloween. She was upset because there were not any kids that came to their apartment for candy. Her husband laughed and said that she thinks the neighborhood they live in is ghetto. She ...

Future of U.S. soccer still looks uncertain

Oscar Areliz

December 15, 2006

Originally Published October 26, 2006 The U.S. is always among the best in most of the major sports. This country has the world's respect in their professional sports leagues, such as MLB, NBA NHL and the NFL. This country also produces some of the best and most talented athletes, but it is not enough...


Esha Momeni

December 15, 2006

var uslide_show_id = "f366aae9-c49d-4ed2-8ca6-e2f305b4a320";var slideshowwidth = "468";var linktext = ""; Drew DeCaro is difficult to capture on film without a guitar. He always seems to have one with him, so it's hard to imagine him otherwise. In his final year at CSUN, the twenty-three-year-old J...

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