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A.S. Senate rejects Dream Act resolution

Iman Jafarynejad

December 10, 2007

Originally Published October 15, 2007 An Associated Students Senate meeting became the platform for a heated debate on immigration between senators and students as a resolution to support legislation making financial aid available for undocumented students was denied. SB1, also referred to as the Californi...

Kanye West’s album graduates with honors

John Manalang

December 10, 2007

Originally Published September 20, 2007 Kanye West is not considered a humble man. His enormous ego could make a pimp look like the 40-year-old virgin. But ever since his "College Dropout" debut in 2004, West has provided us a considerable reason behind his character - his undeniable talent in music...

‘Superbad’ delivers gut-busting laughter and raunchiness

Alyssa Lofgren

December 10, 2007

Originally Published August 30, 2007 Fans of Judd Apatow's "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" will delight at "Superbad," a raunchy comedy movie that may not make audiences shed a tear, but may just have them bust a gut. The film features three graduating high school seniors' quest to lose their virginity and...

Before the smoke cleared

Daniel Williams

December 10, 2007

Originally Published October 29, 2007 Matt Liff, 22, began the morning of Oct. 21 watching football. He had caught reports of the fire that had broken out in Malibu, but wasn't watching the news. Blue sky was nowhere to be seen in the Santa Clarita Valley that day. Very little could be seen past t...

The Beatles re-emerge in a modern classic musical

Tiffany Kelly

December 10, 2007

Originally Published September 27, 2007 Is there anybody going to listen to my story?" These are the first words sung by Jude (Jim Sturgess)-picture a young, modern day Paul McCartney-during the opening song "Girl," in Julie Taymor's visually stimulating feature film musical, "Across the Universe." ...

Up-close and personal with Ne-Yo at Big Show 7

Talynn Soghomonians and Hilda

December 10, 2007

Originally Published October 11, 2007 Behind the dark almond shaped eyes, charming smile and the trademark voice ladies melt for, few experience firsthand R'B vocalist Ne-Yo's laidback presence and friendly personality. As two tinted black Cadillac Escalades pull up through the barricaded Sierra Law...

Family makes music – and food – together

Iman Jafarynejad

December 10, 2007

Originally Published September 17, 2007 A young couple sat in the corner of the room, next to a vacant disc jockey booth, immersed in conversation as they wait for their dinner. "I have to bake more bread," the burly man with dreadlocks behind the counter said as he rushed from one end of the shop t...

50 Cent lacks previous passion in album

Talynn Soghomonians

December 10, 2007

Originally Published September 20, 2007 Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to thank y'all for comin' out tonight. It's my third album, third tour, third time's a charm," Third album, true. Third tour, true. Third time's a charm, not so much for 50 Cent's newest album "Curtis." Instead, 50's usual cocky ...

Krohn is now all-time career points leader

Brandon Der Avanessian

December 10, 2007

Originally Published November 7, 2007 Senior forward Kristy Krohn ended her collegiate career in fashion, becoming the all-time career points' leader with her goal in the 65th minute of a 1-1 draw against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (7-9-2, 5-2-1). Six other seniors played their final collegiate game for ...

Best of Photo


December 10, 2007

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CSSA votes to oppose pay raises for CSU executives

Megan McFadden

December 10, 2007

Originally Published September 18, 2007 California State University student leaders debated on increasing executive compensation, student tuition and other student issues at the California State Student Association (CSSA) conference on Saturday and Sunday hosted by San Diego State University. The CSS...

Star student killed in the prime of his life

Danielle Directo

December 10, 2007

Originally Published August 23, 2007 Three weeks ago, Michael Lynn Presley II received a letter in the mail from CSUN congratulating him on earning a grade point average surpassing the 3.5 mark. He was now eligible to join Sigma Alpha Phi, a university organization for students who have maintained such c...

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