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California Faculty Association and CSU make tentative contract agreement

Stefanie De Leon Tzic

July 31, 2012

After two years of negotiations, the California Faculty Association and the CSU have reached a tentative agreement on the faculty contract today. The contract will run through June 30, 2014 and will be effective when both parties ratify the agreement. The agreement comes after the CFA announced...

Board of trustees approves pay hikes for new presidents amid budget woes

Carly Gillis

July 18, 2012

Along with deciding to support Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, the California State University Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to approve pay hikes for its four new presidents, including CSUN’s president, Dianne Harrison. All four new presidents’ salaries are capped at the previous pay rate, as stated by CSU’s Executive Compensation P...

Longhorn’s Smokehouse brings a taste of Texas to Angelinos

Breanne Racano

July 9, 2012

Since arriving in L.A., I’ve been on the hunt for some homemade barbeque that compares to the deliciousness found in the South. The search has been difficult but I’m excited to say I found my go-to at Longhorn’s BBQ Smokehouse in Santa Clarita. I brought along one of the toughest crit...

Councilman Englander proposes LA soda ban

Councilman Englander proposes LA soda ban

Christian Esteban

July 5, 2012

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander, a longtime board member of the American Diabetes Association, has proposed a ban on sugary sodas from vending machines in Los Angeles parks and libraries. The proposal,  which comes after a similar ban in New York,  is a public health concern, combatting the “di...

Congress extends Stafford loan low interest rates for one year

Marc Evangelista

July 4, 2012

Congress agreed to keep federally subsidized Stafford loans at an interest rate of 3.4 percent over the next fiscal year, delaying the increase to 6.8 percent that had been scheduled for July 1. The measure, bundled in a package that included a major transportation funding bill,  passed by a 74-19 vote after passing the House 373 ...

CSUN student reports sexual assault on campus

Elisa Rosenthal

July 3, 2012

It was about 11:30, the night of June 24. A CSUN student and her male companion were at an off-campus bar. While there, she was followed into the bathroom and sexually assaulted by her acquaintance. She continued to be followed on her walk home through campus where she was sexually assaulted again and authorities were contacted immed...

New Metro orange line station in Chatsworth adds four miles to the bus line

Marc Evangelista

July 2, 2012

The Metro Orange Line Extension kicked-off its grand opening Saturday with music, food, family fun and free rides from the Canoga station to the newly extended Chatsworth station. The 4-mile extension is set to offer faster travel times, improved bus connections, and better access throughout LA county. “We’re here to celebrate the expan...

Brown’s new California budget leaves fate of CSU and UC to November voters

Carly Gillis

July 1, 2012

The approval of California's state budget last week has left the fate of state public universities' funding in the hands of voters. The state's 2012-13 budget is contingent upon the passage of Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative, Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act,  this fall. If voters do not approve it, $6 billion in automatic cuts will be made to a variety of state agencies including higher education. As is, the budget provides an extra $125 million each to the UC and CSU systems for the 2013-14 year if the universities agree to freeze tuition rates for the fall. However, if Brown's tax initiative gets voted down come November, so does that funding — and an additional $250 million will be cut from each system. That is on top of $750 million in cuts each will already take in the next fiscal year. CSU Board of Trustees has already raised fall tuition 9.1 percent, its sixth tuition increase in four years. Stephanie Thara, web communications specialist at the CSU Chancellor’s office, said if the tax initiative is approved, the difference between the fall 2011 tuition rate and the fall 2012 rate will be reimbursed to students at the end of the year. However, said Thara, the governor’s fund will not quite cover the amount the CSU would have received from the tuition hike. “The tuition would have given us $132 million and this only gives us $125 million so we’re still $7 million in the hole,” said Thara. “We’ll still have to consider some cuts.” The CSU has no official stance on the budgetary decisions, as much is still dependent on November’s election. “Nothing’s yet set in stone,” said Thara. “What we do know is that we need to reinvest in our education system, and this is one of the avenues to do it.” As for the University of California system, the UC Board of Regents were previously discussing a 6-percent tuition hike, but UC spokesperson Dianne Klein told the Daily Californian that UC President Mark Yudof will not be recommending tuition increases at the next board meeting in July. The budget also cuts $103 million from the Cal Grant program for the 2013-14 fiscal year by enacting increased academic performance standards and an overall reduction of private college scholarships. However, on June 29, the California Student Aid Commission announced an $85 million contribution from the Educational Credit Management Corporation to ease the cut. “These contributions from ECMC to the Cal Grant Program translate into over 42,000 California students having the financial resources necessary to pursue their dream of a higher education,” said the CSAC in a statement. Brown’s tax initiative would increase sales tax to 7.5 percent for four years and will also increase income tax for people who make more than $250,000 a year for seven years. A field poll, released on June 9, said 52 percent of voters agreed with the tax increases ,while 35 percent were opposed. The remaining 13 percent were undecided....

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