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Football Friday: BCS Playoff picture, NFL playoffs, and Trick or Treating

Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals come into the podcast when we talk NFL playoffs.

Pete D. Camarillo

October 31, 2014

Kenneth Berry, Shaka Dixon, and Pete Camarillo are back for Football Friday. It is Halloween so they have lots of energy to talk playoffs pictures of the NCAA and NFL. The podcast concludes with a fun game of Trick or Treat. ...

Administrators address greek community in closed-door meeting regarding hazing

Michael J. Arvizu

October 31, 2014

President Dianne Harrison and Vice President of Student Affairs William Watkins spoke to fraternity and sorority members in a closed-door meeting on Friday afternoon to address the incidents of hazing that have plagued the community. It has been two weeks since an alleged incident of hazing by the...

Sundial Job Fair

Jody Holcomb

October 31, 2014

Work for an award-winning student publication without leaving campus! The Sundial is seeking students interested in a variety of careers, including writing, art/design, marketing, sales and business. Bring your resume to our job fair and be ready to interview. Thursday, November 13 Two Session...

The Cognitive Science of Religion: A new approach to the study of religion

Illustration By Kristine Delicana/ Illustrations Editor

Manny D. Araujo

October 31, 2014

A new approach to the study of religion is using cognitive science to try reach a new understanding of religious behavior and thought. Cognitive science of religion is a 20-year-old field that uses methods from disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy and psychology to understand how our...

CSUN gets ready for Halloween

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 30, 2014

San Francisco celebrates the Giants' World Series win, and rain may be heading to Southern California. Matador News reporter Angela Hoffman gets ready for Halloween. Reporter Brenda Garcia talks to Psychology Professor Andrew Ainsworth about tonight's Psychology's Got Talent show. Producers: Maria...

Experts discuss ways to create a more stable, clean environment

Allessandra Lopez

October 30, 2014

When it comes to energy, most people don’t realize how costly it can be. From using water, electricity, air conditioning, refrigerators, and washer and dryers, it can be quite expensive. Legislators and proponents of clean technology met Thursday morning in the Northridge Center at the University...

Students give tips on how to stay safe during Halloween

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 30, 2014

Halloween season arrives at CSUN as students give tips such as having a flashlight, carrying pepper spray, and staying with a group of people when venturing out into the halloween festivities. Produced by: Delmy Moran, Contributor

Men’s Soccer: Matadors shut-out in 1-0 overtime loss to UC Riverside

File Photo/The Sundial

Vincent Nguyen

October 30, 2014

  The Matadors (6-9-2, 2-5-1 Big West) couldn’t bring their hot scoring form into Wednesday night’s match against the UC Riverside Highlanders (4-9-3, 3-3-2 Big West), losing 1-0 in overtime at the UCR Soccer Stadium. A golden goal just 16 seconds into extra-time sent CSUN home dea...

Pumpkin Picking

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 30, 2014 Halloween is just around the corner. San Fernando Valley residents are rushing to their nearest Pumpkin Patch Farms. K-C-S-N Lupe LLerenas says they’re great for all ages!

Metro Parking

Gabriela Rodriguez

October 30, 2014 With the new rail lines designed by Metro and the Los Angeles County, residents will be able to reach new destinations. But with the current rail stations, many commuters are not reaching locations that are nearby. For commuters who drive to...

Vote no on Proposition 1

Courtesy of Tribune News Services

Nicole Armstrong

October 30, 2014

Let’s face it, if we know anything about climate, we should know droughts do not just last three years. Scientist are predicting a long term 20-year drought in California. We all know who Jerry Brown is, right? But the majority of the population does not know who Pat Brown is. He is the origin...

Keep calm and graduate on time

Illustration By Jae Kitinoja/ Contributor

Crystal Lambert

October 30, 2014

Like many college students, my four-year plan has not quite been four years. However, graduating only a semester late, I’m still one of the lucky ones. The six-year plan is the new four-year plan. So if you want to graduate “on time” here are some ideas to look into. A common problem is students e...

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