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CSUN track & field continues to compete

three student athletes pictured standing on the track

Ryan Basulto

May 28, 2017

CSUN track & field continued to compete and was ready to go up against Division I elite programs at the NCAA Western Regional Preliminary Championships in Austin, Texas. CSUN sent a total of 19 athletes to compete in 26 separate events with the hopes of qualifying for the NCAA Championships in...

Modesty dies on a college campus

Illustration of a young boy leaving his parents at the bottom of a winding mountainous path that leads to school graduation

Ryan Mancini

May 26, 2017

Pride means a great deal to those who enter college with a burgeoning awareness on any topic. Sports, politics, anime, history, literature, to name a famous few. Students have to feel as though they can bring something to what they are learning from their interests and passions.The shameful detail in...

The sexual mythology epidemic

side of building pictured, it says,

Kendall Faulkner

May 26, 2017

It was a muggy summer night in the depths of Southern Mississippi when my childhood friend confided in me that she had found the holy grail of making her boyfriend last longer in bed—a problem that had supposedly been straining the relationship for the whole two months of unintended, to say th...

Trina Teoh, renegade writer, on her debut book of poetry

Trina, a young woman with black hair and glasses sits in front of a colorful abstract painting

Marja Ziemer

May 19, 2017

CSUN alumna and Malaysian-born writer, Trina Teoh, has recently published her debut book of poetry entitled “Valley Deep Into You.” The book is now available on Amazon, which is becoming a more popular mode of self-publishing. For those lucky enough to live in the valley, it’s doubly rewarding t...

CSUN students accepted into competitive teaching program

young woman with short brown hair pictured holding her chiuahua

Josselyne Rivas

May 17, 2017

Graduation is around the corner and although some students are unsure about their plans after graduation, some have found careers in teaching others.Three students from CSUN's class of 2017 have been selected to join Teach for America for the upcoming academic year.Teach for America is a non-profit o...

The bidding war over Berkeley

freedom of speech illustration

Ryan Mancini

May 11, 2017

Thomas Paine brought the issue of free speech into liberal circles after numerous claims of libel against the British empire in the late 18th century. He warded off Edmund Burke, a popular conservative of the time, from his lauding of the monarchy in favor of democracy as the war in America ended wit...

Cultural graduation ceremonies championed by graduates

People gather for the Aztlan graduation ceremony at csun

Dede Ogbueze

May 11, 2017

For cultural groups who have been systematically discriminated against in the United States, college graduation ceremonies can be purposed as an event of solidarity and support, as a young person completes their life as a student and begins their life as a “real” adult. “Graduation is about...

Coup de Trump

Illustration shows a sillouette of donald trump's face with an american flag print

Ryan Mancini

May 11, 2017

Arguments have been made throughout academia toward the likelihood of a termination to Trump's presidency. Recent weeks have now raised the dark suspicion that his administration will bring about a fascist regime unlike even the more imperial of presidencies (Trump's idol, Andrew Jackson, for one).Historian Timothy S...

Meet upcoming CSUN rapper Metaphaurus

Metapharus pictured performing on stage

Jessica Herrera

May 10, 2017

Metaphaurus started rapping in high school when he would write raps for his family members on their birthdays. After getting positive reception, he decided to dedicate himself to the art.The name "Metaphaurus" is a combination of the words “metaphor” and “dinosaur.” It is als...

Last Show of Semester

No Bull logo

Curtis Cammeron

May 10, 2017

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto discuss NBA, football, hockey, and soccer. Don't miss the last episode until fall 2017!

Greenlight Lights Out: Turn the Lights Back On

Greenlight Lights Out logo

Curtis Cammeron

May 9, 2017

It's our final episode of Greenlight Lights Out! Gonzalo is joined by frequent collaborator, Lynda and producer of the show Alex Razo. Gonzalo discusses his time at The Sundial and the various pranks he pulled at the office. Lynda discusses the possibility of continuing the podcast in the spring s...

Greenlight: The Series Finale

Green light season 2 logo

Curtis Cammeron

May 9, 2017

It's time for a throwback to one of our classic podcasts. Listen to the Final Lost Episode of Greenlight! Go??nzalo and Chauncey are joined by regular guest and sometimes co-host Lynda. On our final show Gonzalo takes a critical lens to 30 Rock and various commentaries they made on modern society. Ch...

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