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Americans are moving to Europe for debt-free college degrees

Regular tuition increases have been proposed for the upcoming years, according to CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget Ryan Storm. Signs held during the CFA informational picket on campus on Nov. 8, 2011. (Andres Aguila/ The Sundial)

Daniela Barhanna

December 28, 2017

“How are we going to pay for our children’s college education?” That is a question that can paralyze any parent in America today. When 18-year-old Jared Devon from Chapel Hill, N.C. decided in 2015 to apply for a bachelor’s program in international business at The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,...

The ultimate gift

drawing with woman backing a pie a boy wrapping a present and old woman reading a story.


December 24, 2017

'Tis the season to start giving! The holidays are finally upon us and I want to help you give the most meaningful gift to your community this holiday season! Think back to the time when you gave your friend such an amazing gift that you even had a fuzzy feeling. What if I told you that you could als...

Start off winter break with the Rolling Loud SoCal Festival

Rolling Loud concert flyer

Ivan Salinas

December 14, 2017

Looking for a music festival to start-off winter break? Check out Rolling Loud Festival’s solid line-up featuring some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop at the moment. This upcoming weekend, Dec. 16th and 17th, students will be able to experience the first ever Rolling Loud L.A. edition at the NOS...

Artist of the Year: Scary Pool Party

Artist of the Year: Scary Pool Party

Johnathan Ramses

December 14, 2017

Every year for the past 21 years Five of Five Entertainment and California State University, Northridge, host a search for Artist of the Year and this year the winner is ScaryPoolParty.Alejandro Aranda created ScaryPoolParty after attending a party and ultimately deciding to become a musician. The Pomon...

14 reported rape cases in 2016 result in one arrest

14 reported rape cases in 2016 result in one arrest

Makenna Sievertson

December 12, 2017

CSUN’s annual security report, otherwise known as the Clery report, was released in October with one startling statistic: there had been 14 reported rape cases in 2016, a significant jump from the five reported in 2015. Of the 14 reported, so far only one incident has resulted in an arrest. All ...

The wonder of women in media

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in


December 12, 2017

We need more males in our world who genuinely believe in gender equality. Feminism is not about woman trying to dominate men, it's gender equality among both sexes. Sometimes when people are uneducated about the topic of feminism they stereotype feminists as aggressive man-haters. Being on a college ca...

Water-less World

mountainside with clouds looming overhead

Benjamin Verheiden

December 12, 2017

We now have a dangerous first in climate change. Venezuela has just become the first country doomed to lose all of its glaciers to climate change. The country is already in one of the most dire and dangerous political and economic climates of any nation in the world, and this will almost certainly make it f...

Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5

crime blotter logo

Alin Boughousi

December 8, 2017

Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5   11/29:   At the UPA 15, four residents were referred to alcohol law violations. At UPA 15, one resident was reported to disciplinary actions for drug violations. An unknown suspect stole a victim's bag that was left alone at UPA 5. A known suspect...

Five indicators of common learning disabilities

drawing of woman with equations and question marks surrounding her

Alin Boughousi

December 8, 2017

Have you ever noticed a problem with processing information that could come easily? For some people, such as criminology major Gerardo Lopez, certain subjects such as math, are hard for him to process..Although Lopez may not suffer from a learning disability, there are students on campus who need reso...

CSUN Sweet 15

CSUN hockey team in action

Solomon Ladvienka

December 8, 2017

The Matadors retook home ice Friday night and shut out Chapman 15-0. Following a thriller two weeks ago against rival Long Beach State and having last week off for Thanksgiving break, a rested Matadors squad took it to a visiting and struggling Chapman University team. Nearly two minutes into the game,...

Campus closed due to air quality

walkway with trees and grass and smoke overhead

Elizabeth Vazquez

December 7, 2017

As of 5 a.m. this morning, CSUN police sent out an email to all students, staff and faculty that classes would be cancelled and campus would be closed today. The emailed stated that because of "high winds and fires around the San Fernando Valley have affected air quality." There is no mention whether...

Street Stories: Passing on the MIC

logo for street stories

Elizabeth Vazquez

December 6, 2017  

The student media organization of California State University Northridge