Cooling down at CREAM

Summer is still not over with CREAM around

Tyson’s ‘Cosmos’ reboot shows we’re all still made of star stuff

Get ready to join Neil deGrasse Tyson on a journey through the cosmos and the history of humankind’s quest to understand the skies above. More...

CSUN students balance school and full time work

Wake up, go to work, go to school, return home, homework, sleep and repeat.

Will Belle leave the Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

It’s been 20 years since Belle left Prince Adam (the Beast) in his tower. She hopped a ship to travel the world after one...

Sundial songs of the week pt. 7

[youtube] Finals are under way. You’re cramming in the Oviatt, and you have less than 30 minutes of sleep. But we’re over here releasing...

Your guide to museums around Los Angeles

Museums may still have a bad rap for many college students who remember the days their parents dragged them to that “boring place” with...

Graduate student gives a voice to undocumented students through artwork

Hedy Torres poses next to her artwork
Meet Hedy Torres, an artist aiming to honor and break the stigma of undocumented students. Her exhibit is on display at CSUN's West Gallery

‘Of Mice and Men’ isn’t for everyone

Following the original screenplay that John Steinbeck dreamt of when he wrote “Of Mice and Men,” the Acting Company produced a special one night...

The Downtown Art Walk: When Art Stays Up Late

Experience the art of Downtown LA through a self-guided tour

Television stays relevant in a high-tech world

Are the days of television numbered with the rising popularity of subscription-based services?

CSUN’s Production of Macbeth Haunts Nordhoff Hall’s Little Theatre

Catch the last weekend of the Macbeth production at CSUN's Nordhoff Little Theatre

Director Alexander Payne on his new film, “Nebraska”

“It’s kind of the same. I mean my job is technology-proof.  Regardless of film or digital, my job is still what’s the story?  Who...