Geek Clash dishes on movies and disabling their cable

    It’s another Geek Clash, and this week we’re on a tangent marathon. That’s right, the crew is pretty dry this week, so listen in...

Authentic Peruvian Bistro

Coming from a Hispanic background I’m always excited to try food from other Latin American countries. I had only tried Peruvian food one other...

‘The Graduate’ gets unzipped at the Plaza del Sol

As traditional play and radio theatre are married in the LA Theatre Works’ interpretation of “The Graduate,” the ballad of seduction and disillusionment synthesizes...

The Downtown Art Walk: When Art Stays Up Late

Experience the art of Downtown LA through a self-guided tour

Talking zombies with “Walking Dead” writer

America’s most popular cable show, “The Walking Dead,” is near their third mid-season on AMC, looking at the good and bad in humans during...

The Fab Faux succeed in emitting authentic Beatles vibes at the...

Picture this: Four men donned in Beatles-style costumes and wigs, terrible British accents and lip-syncing. The Fab Faux is nothing like that. Instead, their...

Princess Jasmine’s unhappy marriage to Aladdin

Jasmine got up and looked over at Aladdin. It's been 23 years since that magic carpet ride and they've had three kids, a bad...

Muslim Students On Campus Face Pressures to Assimilate to Western Ideals

girl sitting on floor with laptop above her a movie poster
With the passing of the travel ban and media misrepresentation, the Muslim community has been increasingly marginalized and pressured to assimilate to Western ideals. We spoke to Muslim students on campus to get their perspective.

Sharing short distance rides to campus

Self driving uber waits at stop light
A new ride-sharing trend is sweeping across CSUN that offers students an alternative to the pressures of parking.

SOTW: Spring Collection Vol. 9

Let's get grimey!

Weekly Editor’s Picks: beer festival, local concert, food trucks

Food trucks, concerts and a beer festival are a few events on our list.

The College of Humanities and The College of Health and Human...

CSUN graduates walk off stage
Commencement ceremony for Monday, May 23
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