Students show support for presidential candidates

Students for Bernie bumper stickers pictured
CSUN students show their support for presidential candidates in different ways, from more involved to personal strides.

‘Premium Rush’ entertains at its own pace

The time has come and a movie has finally been made about a fixed gear bike, starring none other than hipster heartthrob Joseph Gordon...

Weekly Editor’s Picks: “500 Days of Summer”, Johnny Ramone Tribute, “Are...

Johnny Ramone sculpture
From dapper to punk, and rom-com to cat videos, this week's got it all

Winter trends to look forward to

Cold nights snuggling under a blanket, sipping on hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows over an open fire is what comes to mind when most...

Top 3 most underrated gaming consoles

1. Dreamcast Sega’s slain Dreamcast, which met its end at the hands of the almighty Playstation 2 in the early 2000s, is clearly the...

Collective Lifestyle brings youth culture to the San Fernando Valley

Photo shows exterior of collective lifestyle
A local clothing store brings fashion, art, and live events to the valley

Advice on living the dorm life

Photo shows students moving into CSUN dorms
Students share their tips for students who are moving into a dorm

Living With A Stranger

Dorm life can mean freedom away from home, space of your own and learning to live with a total stranger. For any cases, students...

Guest speaker discusses intersection of issues of social and ecological justice

woman in denim blouse at podium
editor of “Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women's Voices,” Jeanine Canty, visited the CSUN campus.

Jenny and The Mexicats celebrate 10 years of music with “Open...

Catch them live at Pershing Square, Los Angeles on July 28th. Free Concert with other artists: Ozomatli & Los Duques

Lana Del Rey hosts premiere of music video “Freak”

Lana Del Rey premiere's "Freak" on the boulevard that inspired her lyrics

Black Swan review

In a world where ballet is serene and beautiful, “Black Swan” portrays a conflicting world of darkness. This thriller, directed by Darren Aronofsky, intensely focuses...
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