Above and beyond the family business

CSUN alumni Iman Golestani owner of IG Jewelry Co.
A CSUN alumni's story of success

Music Mondays: Pop

Lady Gaga pictured during her performance
Hits from top pop stars and other artists.

JADE workshop teaches ways to use art as a form of...

Girl writes using colored pencil
The Joint Advocates for Disordered Eating (JADE) hosted a workshop sponsored by the University Counseling Services.

Los Angeles celebrates Mexican Independence Day

man waves mexican flag over crowd
Mexican Independence Day is celebrated throughout the Los Angeles area to remember the history behind the important day.

Taking a look at marijuana in the law and in the...

Pot continues to be just as hot topic in Hollywood as it is on Capitol Hill. In the mid-1930s, marijuana began cropping up in...

What to expect from Big Show 2017

Ad shows big letters that read, "Big Show Oct 7" along with a photo of performer Valentino Khan
With Big Show '17 right around the corner, the CSUN campus is preparing for an evening of an EDM wonderland with featured performers Dillon Francis, Phantoms and Valentino Khan.

‘The Walking Dead’ recap (Episode 8, season 3) spoiler alert

Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” episode was all about action and reunions. It was the mid-season finale, the next episode won’t be on until sometime...

Dealing with a dirty roommate

Your dorm houses two, but your living situation looks like it holds a party of- well, more than two. Heck, with a dirty roommate your...

Weekly Picks: L.A. Festival of Colors, All-Star Chef Classic, Game Night

weekly pics logo
Whether you want to eat all day, watch a movie, or be covered in copious amounts of color while dancing to some awesome performances, these weekly picks have got you covered!

Where to: take a day trip in Los Angeles

View Cheap Day Trips around Los Angeles in a larger map Many college students don't have a car, or the price of gas is too...

The Pride Center will host a panel discussion open to anyone...

Pride Center welcomes LGBTQ+ and allied to attend "Beyond the Binary"

1 in 33,000: Taking care of business

Stephanie Bermudez Staff Reporter She trains new servers in addition to bartending at a local restaurant and she’s a market researcher for a local company, but...
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