In My Thoughts

Tessa Bedik"In My Thoughts" is a piece created to show deep contemplation and reflection of life and the intricate meaning behind it. Different memories...

The Nightmare

airplane drawing
Brenda Munguia, seniorMy painting connects to the “I once dreamt” theme because I’ve had many dreams about the ocean. I am a Mexican American...

Floating Island & Ferris Wheel

orange fish in the sky
Betsie Garcia"Floating Island" This piece is titled "The Floating Island." What this piece represents is a loss of ambition. One of the biggest...

Fresh faces: Carlie Hanson

blonde singer at concert
Need new music? Check out up-and-coming pop star, Carlie Hanson.

When and Where 11/14 – 11/23

calendar ad
Wednesday, Nov. 14Los Angeles Comedy FestivalCost: $10 - $20Time: 8 p.m.Place: 916 N. Formosa Avenue, Los AngelesThe Los Angeles Comedy Festival is an extraordinary...

Five healthy grub spots on campus

salad bar
Check out these easy tips on eating healthy at CSUN.

This Week in Music

Pop culture flyer
Keep up with music news and culture with this week's recap.

When and Where 11/7 – 11/16

Wednesday, Nov. 7Jim Carrey's Art ExhibitionCost: FREETime: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. every Tuesday - Saturday until Dec. 1Place: 300 S Mission Rd., Los...

MEChA hosts Día de los Muertos celebration

native mexican dancing
Día de los Muertos is a Mexican and Central American celebration on Nov. 2 where people honor their deceased loved ones.

A closer look at Iris Peretz and her visual art

posing in front of mural
Iris Peretz, a CSUN art student, shares the inspiration for her recently finished mural at a homeless shelter.

Seven game changers of Matador life today

glass building
Take a look at some of the best upgrades to daily life here at CSUN.
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