How texting can affect relationships

Sarah Robles pictured checking her phone
Texting and relationships seem to go hand in hand now, becoming an important element of communication. But is this a good thing?

Oscar spotlight on ‘The Social Network’: we “like” it

I was afraid that “The Social Network” (now available on DVD and Blu-Ray) would be just another documentary leeching off of the popularity of...

Train your waist to get the curves

Hear from students who wear waist trainers to accentuate their figure.

Resisting oppression: a panel discussion on black activism

two woman sitting behind microphones
“We have always resisted oppression,” Black Lives Matter activist Melina Abdullah said in the panel of political activism hosted by CSUN. Over 70 students and...

Valley eatery offers a wide selection with a twist

When I first walked into Stanley’s Restaurant and Bar, I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t see very many people. As I...

K-I-S-S to keep it hot and heavy

A relationship is like a scented candle. When we first buy it, it’s whole and new. That first lit flame and smell, reminds us...

Taking a look at marijuana in the law and in the...

Pot continues to be just as hot topic in Hollywood as it is on Capitol Hill. In the mid-1930s, marijuana began cropping up in...

Professors Don’t Actually Care About Their RateMyProfessor Ratings

Illustration of student atop a pile of books working on a computer isn't as useful to professors as one might think

A weekend at Beach Goth

Beach Goth. Two words that normally clash, unless you are describing the sounds of The Growlers who started this festival in 2011 for their...

Weekly picks: Cinco de Mayo event, comedy show and pottery

women participate in traditional mexican dance
Other events include a library discussion and crafting.

“The Avengers” sets box office record with midnight release

"The Avengers" U.S. midnight opening pulled in $18.7 million at the box office last night in what turned out to be the best late-night...

LACMA Jazz night provides melting pot atmosphere

The crowd gathered around their picnic to enjoy a night of jazz music at LACMA, broadcasted lived on KJazz radio.
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