Tinder adds STD testing locator to app

Tinder added a health and safety feature that will make users want to swipe right.

Substantial security at HARD Day of the Dead

Annual Halloween music festival thrilled attendees over the weekend

Music Mondays: 2000s Throwback

Alicia Keys plays the piano and sings
Jump back to the not-so-distant past with this week's tunes

‘Modern Family’ recap (10/31) spoiler alert

In case you were greeting trick-or-treating pirates or visiting every West Hollywood kickback, Wednesday night’s new episode of “Modern Family” tackled the theme of...

Finding a little piece of home at Brent’s Deli

Stained-glass windows and countless welcome signs invite you into what feels like Grandma’s kitchen. The smell of home-cooked food draws you in and the display...

Avenue Q gets four stars for opening weekend performances

With Sesame Street-like animations and fuzzy puppet characters, Avenue Q has all the makings of a children’s show. But don’t let the puppets fool...

How To: Get your exercise out of the gym and without...

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a free gym membership for life?  I know that we all at one point or another would...

Sovereign beats for a back to school playlist

From R&B to Pop, these impulsive songs will command your playlist. Perhaps Lana Del Rey was your "National Anthem", Gotye was "Somebody That (You)...

CSUN student wins prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

A student is able to afford studying abroad in South Korea after receiving competitive scholarship.

Weekly Editor’s Picks: Lotus Festival, Summer Nights in the Garden, BØRNS

White flowers pictured
Nature and music steal the spotlight this week

Non-traditional Workouts

Finding time to squeeze in a fitness routine into the day may not be quite as hard as it may seem. With a little...

Broken screens and malfunctioning phones make big business

Pulling out a smartphone only to watch it free fall onto the concrete is not a pretty picture — in fact, it’s probably one...
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