Put your food budget on a diet

If only we didn't have to eat every day! Think of the money we could save if dinner was only required twice a week....

EXO’s “Exodus” is anything but

After member departures, EXO is stronger than ever with "Exodus"

How the media and everyday language create gender stereotypes

drawing of a boy wearing a pink shirt with caption so you say guys cant wear pink
Repetition of derogatory terms has created negative associations with gender.

The art of applying makeup

Realistic illustration shows girl putting on blush
If you’re looking to amp-up you beauty routine, put your best face forward and try a few of these makeup tips and techniques.

Relationships Happen: Battling the ghosts of the past

Girl meets boy. Boy falls for girl. Girl falls harder. Hearts are broken. This is a story about love; not a love story. I have...

Beneath the surface of the Black Dahlia house

Once admired for its jaw-like architecture, the Sowden House is known as the house of secrets

Relationships Happen: An ex is an ex for a reason

People say I have a hard time letting things, especially people, go. I tend to hold onto them long past their expiration date and...

The other woman: Female empowerment in infidelity

Illustration shows man with his arm around one girl and secretly holding hands with another girl
Infidelities, affairs, being the other woman or "side chick"; it's all the same thing but with a different label. However, should it be unacceptable or female empowering?

How texting can affect relationships

Sarah Robles pictured checking her phone
Texting and relationships seem to go hand in hand now, becoming an important element of communication. But is this a good thing?

Raquel McPeek Rodriguez, a young, deaf Latina actor in Hollywood

girl posing by stairs
Raquel McPeek Rodriguez is a young, deaf Latina actor making her mark in Hollywood with a new role on NBC's "Chicago Med."

Know when to leave a bad relationship

There are a number of reasons why people stay in bad relationships. There may be kids involved, the fear of being alone, financial security,...

New waffle shop brings the love to Northridge

waffle grilled cheese sandwich pictured
Build your own waffle at Waffle Love, featuring all kinds of flavors.
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