Photos: Carnaval 2018

two women in red traditional wear teach other women dressed causally how to dance
The 21st Annual Carnaval, a multicultural event, took place Thursday. THe event brought in performances and goods from various cultures. Festivities included dance, music,...

Here is how CSUN students can save when shopping

red gift bag
Check out these deals that are just a few mouse-clicks or CSUN ID away.

Mom vs. College: Feeling Defeated

woman and baby happily pose for selfie
Hey mama bears, this one’s for you.

Refusing the right to remain silent

people march while holding candles and signs
Take Back the Night becomes a somber reminder of those affected by gender violence

Matadors celebrate Cesar Chavez with service fair

woman in red jeans and colorful blouse speaking in front of a mariachi
The values of Cesar Chavez are embodied in a fair to bring service to the community.

Brew means more than just coffee at the USU

clear cup with beer inside a man with a black shirt with his back turned to the camera
Freudian Sip isn't the only brew on campus

Pride Center’s Sex Week – Sex Toys 101

woman wrapped in scarf holds purple dildo in palm while speaking to an audience
Ever been curious about sex toys but weren't sure where to start? Pride Center hosted a sex toys workshop to ease beginners into the vast area of toys the industry has to offer.

Mom vs. College: Self

woman and baby happily pose for selfie
How do I save me from me?

MataMeals: Beef Stroganoff

cooked noodles on a plate with tomatoes next to it
A creamy dish complete with mushrooms and pasta

Writer Roxane Gay gets deep with CSUN students

one person sits on a couch while another is speaking on stage
With unflinching honesty and wit, the best-selling author and feminist shares slices of her life and how to grow not only as a writer, but as a person.

Just another ‘bitch’ in the industry? Turning sexism into motivation.

woman with guitar strapped around her back looks seriously into the camera
How Serena Foster, CSUN junior, turns her experience with sexism and sexual misconduct in the industry, into motivation to succeed.

Laverne Cox speaks on the struggles of being a transgender black...

Laverne Cox with her arms spread out speaking at a podium
Orange is the New Black TV star Laverne Cox shares her story of hardships in identifying as a transgender black woman.
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