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Episode 4: Nerd Minute News: Dave Chappelle And Chill/ Porn, and Unequal Orgasms

Nathalie mentions why porn has no connection to successful and unsuccessful relationships and why women achieving orgasms is important for both partners.   https://soundcloud.com/daily-sundial/thats-what-she-said-31517  
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Street Stories: How does the world see you?

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Street Stories: What childhood moment defines you?

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Red Capes: Return of the Zach

Zach Ferber and Solomon Ladvienka preview the Championship series of baseball and recent sports talk around the leagues. ?????
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Street Stories: What does home mean to you?

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No Bull: 1/29/18

No Bull is back! Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto rekindled about what sports news they missed over the Winter break and, Breaking News: Blake Griffin...
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Episode Three: College Struggles

Bassam Shaktah and I'maiya -Milan Wright talk about topics from college struggles to developing news and entertainment.     https://soundcloud.com/daily-sundial/real-xcape-2-12-18-college-struggles
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No Bull Episode 1

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto bring you the latest sports hot topics from the NBA to the NFL and of course highlights from SuperBowl...
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Red Capes: UFC 229

This week, Alan Cardoza fills in for Aaron Peeples. Alan and Solomon Ladvienka dive into what happened following the fight at UFC 229. ??????????
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The Countdown: We made it (to the end of the semester)

This episode is dedicated to all the current and former college students who know what it's like to grind through a long semester. It's...
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Real Xcape: Black History Month Kick-Off

It's time to Celebrate Black History Month on "The Real Xcape" as Bassam Shaktah and Imaiya Milan talk about the importance of Black History...

For Jobs

On this weeks' Geek Clash the guys discuss Drew and Felipe's impressions of the Ghost Recon beta, Drew and Danny discuss Kendrick Lamar's guest...
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