Stoppage Time Episode 4: Major League Soccer

This week, on the best soccer-related podcast (produced by the Sundial) in all possible alternate universes, Vince, Dezz and Leo talk the CapitalOne Cup,...

Sundial Radio Hour, Nov. 9 2015

University of Missouri president resigns, Caitlyn Jenner honored by Out Magazine and more

Stoppage Time Episode 9: Dazed & Dezz-less

Dezz is missing yet again but Vince and Leo manage to wrangle this week's guest, Andrew, into talking about soccer stuff. What's the stuff,...
The Sundial Logo: News, Sports, Lifestyle

Penny For Your Thoughts Ep. 3

The boys hit the booth to discuss "Netflix and chill," relationship queues, and sexual performance.What is good sex?

Geek Clash debates “Gotham”

  Geek Clash is without Josh this week, as Lita and Trevor hold down the fort and hopefully manage to record the show. “Gotham,” the new...

Sundial Special 5: The education benefits of learning a second language

The last part of the podcast series talks about the relationship between education and bilingual students. Contributors Christina Barras and Pete Camarillo discuss with...
Dezz , Vince, Leo are the hosts of podcast Stoppage Time Boys.

Stoppage Time Ep. 9: Chelsea Sucks (Again)

Dezz and Vince discuss the serious issue of Chelsea sucking at soccer and life in general
Greenlight logo with special guest, Ebony

Greenlight Ep. 2: Tracy Morgan is the Real Danish Girl

On this week’s Greenlight, Gonzalo and Chauncey recap the Academy Awards. Chauncey brings a new song from the Macklemore into our ear buds and...
Green light season 2 logo

Greenlight Ep. 16: Lester Holt’s got Swagger

Gonzalo and Chauncey dive into Monday night's record breaking debate. Chauncey goes in on moderator Lester Holt and Gonzalo pushes his own agenda (shameless plug...

The Set Show Episode 9: NFL, NBA, GM Game, Ben Stiller and AI Movies

This week on the show the guys talk NFL FA and NBA Talk as well as the Top 5 Artificial Intelligence and Ben Stiller...

Geek Clash Ep. 41: Everything good, in multiples of 2

Sequels, Quadruples and also some Star Wars stuff in this geek out episode

Geek Clash Ep. 52: Squeak, squeakin’, squeak, squeakity

This week on Geek Clash, Danny is joined again by special guest Felipe! The boys discuss comic books, video games, new movie trailers and take...
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