Matador Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving Matadors!  We are excited to present the Thanksgiving Edition of the Matador Fantasy Football podcast.  Ernesto and Conner dive into the week...

Songs of the Week: The Spring Collection Vol. 2

Don't judge me for that Nick Jonas song.
the countdown logo

The Countdown: The Ballot Episode

2016 has been an unbelievable election year, but believe it or not, there actually are other things to talk about in the world of...
Greenlight Lights Out logo

Greenlight Lights Out Ep. 15.5

Alex Perez joins us as she introduces a new voice (It’s disgusting). Chauncey also discusses giving birth to a baby sheep on her trip...

Geek Clash Ep. 59: All the Tangents with None of the Calories

We're back and what a week it has been! The geeks discuss the multitude of trailers that came out this week such as Logan, Red Dead...

Comikaze discussions are in full-effect in this week’s Geek Clash podcast

This week on Geek Clash, Trevor and Lita discuss their adventures at Stan Lee's Comikaze over the weekend. They nerd out over the highlights...

Fourth & Forever Podcast Ep. 3: Superbowl Talk (Again)

This week on the Fourth and Forever podcast, Anna, Kenny and Pete talk about their reactions to Superbowl XLIX and who gets sold in...
Green light season 2 logo

Greenlight Ep. 19: The Ballad of Carrie and Tom Cruise

On this week’s episode Gonzalo and Chauncey are joined by Lynda. The three discuss the recent popular trend of mini-series and share their favorites....

Bass and Beats Pilot Episode

As we discuss the rhyme and reason, keep the beat with the Bass and Beats podcast.

Matador Fantasy Football Podcast Week 10

Ernesto and Conner introduce music into their podcast this week. Things don't get too crazy, as the duo still have who is hot and...

Sundial Special 2: The fluctuating value of internships

Contributors Michael Barajas, Janelle Rodriguez and Trevor Talan discuss the current state of the internship industry and the value of a college degree.

Geek Clash Ep. 57: Late Clash is Late

This week on Geek Clash the boys discuss their favorite anime series, Felipe and Drew discuss new Destiny content and Danny nerds out over...
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