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Greenlight Lights Out Ep. 12.5

On Lights Out Gonzalo lets Alex and Lynda vent about their favorite reality TV guilty pleasure shows. Feel free to judge Lynda for watchingThe Bachelor/Bachelorette,...
CSUN student Vince, Leo and Dezz who podcast for the Sundial.

Stoppage Time Ep 6: We Figured Out How Phones Work In This One

Stoppage Time gets its first successful call-in, plus wrap-ups of the Euro League and USA vs. Mexico

Sundial Special 4: The cost of education

Students, professionals and our contributors discuss the growing need for more affordable access to higher education
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Greenlight Lights Out Ep. 8.5

Chauncey leads this week's episode of Lights Out with Alex and Oz. Alex talks about the stigma of women who have been shamed in pop...
U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton speaks out a public event.

Sundial Radio Hour Oct. 22

Hilary Clinton testifies for BenghaziPaul Ryan will run for SpeakerSesame Street gets a new muppetAnchors: Wahid Lodin and Angelica Pedraza

Fourth & Forever Podcast Ep. 3: Superbowl Talk (Again)

This week on the Fourth and Forever podcast, Anna, Kenny and Pete talk about their reactions to Superbowl XLIX and who gets sold in...
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Greenlight Ep. 17: Live from Manzanita 140B

On this week’s Greenlight Lynda joins co-hosts Gonzalo and Chauncey as they discuss all their love for Saturday Night Live. Lynda freaks out over...

KCSN News Update: Mothers are now the sole or primary provider in four out...

The following stories will be covered tonight on KCSN: Retirement cities throughout the US will be an area of growth in the housing market over the...

Sitdown with A&E: Episode 3

Thomas sits down with John Probz to discuss his experience at CSUN and aspirations.

The Set Show: The Fantastic Five

The Sundial is proud to bring you episode five of The Set Show. This week, hosts Ernesto Casillas and Conner Faulk welcome the voice...

Matador Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving Matadors!  We are excited to present the Thanksgiving Edition of the Matador Fantasy Football podcast.  Ernesto and Conner dive into the week...
1986 World Cup quarterfinal match between Argentina and England

This is the Story: Maradona’s Hand of God

The 1986 World Cup quarterfinal match between Argentina and England was a spectacular game. However, it came with its controversy. The infamous "Hand of...
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