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Real Xcape (1/29/18)

The Sammy Scoop's Bassam Shaktah and new co-host Imaiya -Milan Wright introduce The Real Xcape and what the show will cover for the weeks...
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Street Story: Episode 2

Vanessa has gone out into the streets again and has a re-cap plus a selection of personal stories from people who are going through...
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Everyone’s on the Move!

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto discuss the NBA and NHL deadline winners and losers. Also, with the Warriors being the first to clinch playoffs,...
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That’s What She Said Episode 1

Are you intimate?? Nathalie Ramirez brings you some Valentine's Day tips about sex, relationships, and how to be intimate.
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Episode 6: Hellboy’s Whiskey, Charlie Murphy and NY’s Tuition Free Program…For Some

Nathalie introduces the Hellboy Hell Water Cinnamon Whiskey that was distributed on Friday the 14th and announces some terrible news about one of the...
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Greenlight: The Series Finale

It's time for a throwback to one of our classic podcasts. Listen to the Final Lost Episode of Greenlight! Go??nzalo and Chauncey are joined...
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Real Xcape: Easter Bunny Re-Cap

Bassam Shaktah and I'maiya-Milan Wright talk more about college struggles. Plus they bring you the latest on this week's hot topics! Get tuned in!
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Last Show of Semester

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto discuss NBA, football, hockey, and soccer. Don't miss the last episode until fall 2017!
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The Sammy Scoop: Sea Crows to Missiles

Bassam Shaktah talks about ancient fossils found on California's coast, a huge vodka heist, and developing threats from North Korea.
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The Sammy Scoop: Technology and Tensions on the Rise

Bassam Shaktah talks about a huge update on Twitter, a synopsis on mental health and violence in America, in addition to the Texas shooting....
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No Bull Welcomes a New Semester

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto talk about the latest in sports, in addition to giving a little insight on their Fantasy Football squad. Plus a...
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Ep.4 Westbrook isn’t a superstar?

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto discuss soccer for the first time! With Bogut's injury, is the Cavs' season over? Is Kawhi Leonard an offensive...
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