California’s wildfires are a statewide crisis reflecting a global problem

Experts say that if steps aren’t taken, there undoubtedly will be worse and more frequent fires in the future

Implementation of Executive Orders 1100 and 1110 expected to be completed...

protesters hold signs and flags as they march
Role of activism during the week of action's effect on executive order implementation.

Basketball coach Mark Gottfried involved in federal investigation

man in grey suit speaks behind podium
An FBI investigation requested personnel files from Gotffried's previous school, North Carolina State.

University sued by former employee for discrimination

CSUN campus letter statue surrounded by grass and trees
Lawsuit filed by former university employee alleges harassment and discrimination

CSUN student dies in custody

man in blue shirt happily poses for photo
Health administration major found dead in prison, investigation still ongoing

A Queen and a Soldier

woman sits on recliner with racks of shoes behind her
Madeline Martinez speaks on balancing her gender identity while serving in the military.

Lengthy line for financial aid document deadline

students wait in line
A long line of students stretching to outside Bayramian Hall awaited their last opportunity to submit required documents

CSU will not increase tuition for 2018-2019 year

man in white tshirt looks at name card while man in suit happily looks at him
Chancellor Timothy White seeks proper state funding for California’s future

Student club leads small rally speaking out against gun violence

man in purple button down stands with hand in air behind microphone
Students for Political Decency hold rally to call on those on campus to take political action to increase gun control

CSUN Bull Ring Final Event preview

large room filled with people sitting and watching a speaker
Five teams will be competing in a “Shark Tank”-style event for the finals of this year’s Bull Ring New Venture Competition next week. Each...

NBC films TV show on campus

people busily move around during a filming
Filming for The Good Place is taking place on campus
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