The importance of food science

woman in white overcoat with hair up in hairnet holding brown roller
Faculty and students explain what food science is about.

What are they filming in front of the Oviatt Library?

space ship on the oviatt lawn with many people surrounding it
The Oviatt lawn is covered with props and equipment. What are they filming?

20 years after Northridge earthquake, CSUN is ‘not just back, better’

It was 4:30 a.m., a time when most are sound asleep in their beds. Then, in an instant, the lives of those in the...

New LimeBike update enforces “red areas”

green and yellow lime bikes in bike rack
Contract regulations between CSUN and LimeBike now enforce "red zones", notifying students where they can and cannot park their rental bike.

CSUN Police provide students a safer way to sell items

internet purchase exchange location pictured in the parking lot
Students are provided a safer way to sell items through a new program

Fires scorch Sylmar and Ventura County

smoke behind building and mountains
Local fires have forced thousands to evacuate

Education faculty preparing future teachers for new K-12 standards

Professors at CSUN’s college of education have begun preparing current and future teachers for new educational guidelines to California’s public K-12 schools. The Michael D....

Students who need help buying food can apply for CalFresh on...

The CSUN Food Pantry is offering students applications for the CalFresh program.

Women graduating college, earning degrees more than men, study shows

There is an increasing gap between female college students and their male counterparts in terms of college preparation, enrollment and graduation in the University of California (UC)...

The Sour Side of CSUN Limebike

green and yellow limebike on the floor next to the curb
CSUN cycles through a work-in-progress

Americans are moving to Europe for debt-free college degrees

“How are we going to pay for our children’s college education?” That is a question that can paralyze any parent in America today. When 18-year-old...

‘American Idol’ holds auditions at VPAC, adding to long list of...

With dozens of movies, television shows and commercials having been filmed on the CSUN campus in the last decade, the university has raked in...
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