Crime Blotter 9/29 – 10/8

red picture of handcuffs and soda can
Saturday, Sept. 29Officers advised two individuals about the campus skateboarding policy at the USU.A male was driving his motorcycle recklessly then fled the intersection...

Students walk out of meeting with CSU chancellor

students protesting
Student protesters read a list of demands before walking out of a panel discussion with CSU Chancellor Timothy White.

Crime Blotter 9/18 – 9/28

red picture of handcuffs and soda can
Tuesday, Sept. 18It was reported that on Sept. 17, a parked vehicle was hit by an unknown suspect who didn't leave their information at...

Students protest and demand resignations

student protesters in front of library
Student protesters led a group of over 200 students and faculty in a campus-wide walkout.

Students plan to walkout on Thursday

student holding protest sign
“You excluded us from the conversation, how can you say you represent us?”

Councilwomen turn out to speak at new Oviatt Library Exhibition

Monica Rodriguez
Councilwomen discuss gender issues at the Grand Opening of "What She Said: 100 years of Women's Civic and Community Engagement" at the Oviatt Library.

Workshops create a disaster-ready community

emergency food
Resources are available on campus for students who want to learn how to be earthquake ready.

President Harrison addresses EO 1100-R

students protesting
Campus President Harrison addresses the misconceptions regarding Section F of Executive Order 1100-R.

Crime Blotter 9/11-9/17

red picture of handcuffs and soda can
Tuesday, Sept. 11A hit-and-run occurred at Parking Structure B3 level 2 after an unknown suspect hit a parked vehicle between 6:15-8:35 p.m.It was reported...

CSUN women headed to Chicago for global change

women holding colorful baskets
Three CSUN students have been given the opportunity to build their ideas for global change through the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Professor harvests honey on campus for research

person holding bee honeycomb
Professor in the biology department turned her hobby of beekeeping into a research study, and students will soon be able to buy the fruits of her labor.

Students and faculty protest Executive Order 1100 again

woman holding protest sign
Faculty and students protest during Student Convocation 2018 about Executive Order 1100
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