Starbucks gets grinded

man sits at table and sips coffee
California judge rules coffee giant failed to warn consumers

The cost of nature

person rock climbing
Increase in national parks entrance fees reconsidered

CSUN’s new parking system stalled

people walk in parking lot while a white truck is behind them
A new parking guidance system expected to roll out spring semester will have to wait until fall.

Why is there a new window on the side of Sierra...

large white building with a red windowpane
A strange red window at Sierra Hall seems shrouded in secrecy

Election code changed following candidate disqualification

Black and Red banner with people sitting beneath it
Following the disqualification of Diana Vicente, A.S. has changed the election code to provide specifications for those eligible to run

A.S. Chair of Clubs and Organizations offered position on search committee...

White CSUN letters surrounded by green grass and trees
The search for a new athletics director has begun

Matador Movement wins A.S. election despite Diana Vicente disqualification

one woman dressed in blue denim jacket happily helps up a woman in white suit
The Matador Movement's original presidential candidate Diana Vicente was disqualified from the election. The slate won with her replacement, Beverly Ntagu, on the ballot.

New LimeBike update enforces “red areas”

green and yellow lime bikes in bike rack
Contract regulations between CSUN and LimeBike now enforce "red zones", notifying students where they can and cannot park their rental bike.

Ntagu and Merida elected A.S. President and VP

two women happily pose for photo behind a podium
Associated Students welcomes its new president and vice president

Did you feel the earthquake?

map with seismic graph with a yellow star in the middle
At 12:29 p.m. a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit off the shore of Ventura County. Matadors react to feeling the earthquake on Twitter: Tfw that earthquake hits CSUN...

A.S. and USU election organizers hope for high turnout

woman stands in hamburger suit in front of red elections signs
Organizers hope this year's turnout will match last year's high turnout

What are they filming in front of the Oviatt Library?

space ship on the oviatt lawn with many people surrounding it
The Oviatt lawn is covered with props and equipment. What are they filming?
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