AS elections: Matador Movement candidates want to see a change for...

two woman dressed professionally happily smiling
A.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Beverly Ntagu and Rose Merida want involvement and change for students

AS elections: Rise N’ Unite outline action plan

two men happily pose in front the matador statue
AS presidential and vice presidential candidates Alex Canas and Mohammad Hotaki have a number of programs lined up to better the CSUN community.

AS elections: Pena and Mcknight, anti-establishment candidates

two men pose with arms crossed in front of the matador statue
AS Pres. and V.P. hopefuls not afraid to take down the establishment

Google guest speaker introduces new cloud platform to CSUN students

man in white t shirt speaks to a class
Google representative speaks about Google Cloud to CSUN students at an event put on by MISA

A.S. elections: presidential candidate disqualified, VP continues race

woman happily standing behind a podium dressed in a black blouse
Associated Students presidential candidate, Diana Vicente, has been disqualified from running in the 2018 election. A.S. held a Judicial Court hearing Monday, where it was decided that...

Students connect to become agents of change

various people dressed in traditional wear performing on a stage
The 7th Annual African Studies Symposium on Tuesday was from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. focused on social movements.

Community comes together for March for Our Lives rally on Oviatt

young boy in a wheelchair holds sign reading save our lives Never again
Demonstrators of all ages stood in solidarity with the Parkland shooting victims and protested for gun control.

Millennials are not saving for retirement, study shows

large red X over a piggy bank
Two-thirds of millennials do not contribute to a retirement plan and 83 percent of working Latinos are the most vulnerable group, study suggests.

The new generation’s March on Washington

protesters in front of the state capital for the March for our lives protest
March for our Lives storms the nation's capital in response to the threat of gun violence

No heating at four CSUN buildings

CSUN campus letter statue surrounded by grass and trees
An initial update to the lack of heating at Live Oak, Eucalyptus, Citrus and Magnolia Halls

Excitement as graduation dawns on CSUN seniors

red and black banner inside bookstore reading Welcome to Gradfest
GradFest fills air with emotion from graduating seniors

California won’t fund your travel to eight states

plan with dotted lines connecting it to different Southern states
A California law won't allow the state to fund trips to eight states with LGTBQ discriminatory laws.
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