Armenian students protest Atatürk scholar to leave campus

Students peacefully protest in Manzanita Hall
Armenian student protestors interrupted the author from discussing his findings.

CSUN fraternity suspended for conspiring to lie about hazing allegations

Alpha Kappa Psi poses for a group photo
Mu Phi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity suspended for four years.

The LA Riots 20 years later

In April 1992, racial tension loomed over Los Angeles and a string of crimes incensed the city until rage boiled over into a six-day...

BREAKING: Possible gunman in custody with CSUN police

>>>UPDATE 9:03 p.m.: The suspect turned himself in, said Carmen Ramos Chandler, director of news and information. He is currently in custody with CSUN...

Students protest Customs and Border Protection recruitment

Students pictured protesting customs and border protectionvideo
CSUN students stand in support and solidarity of their peers.

Remedial classes may not be the right answer for college students

Robert Gomez, 19, sophomore business major at CSUN, feels discouraged by the remedial, also known as supplemental instruction, work required for him. “I feel like...

Off campus living preferred among CSUN students

When students move away from home, the decision about where to live is key. Deciding between living in the dorms or in an off-campus...

Culture of overspending continues in A.S., candidates say

AS students speak at meeting
As ballots are counted for the new Associated Students administration, an alleged atmosphere of overspending may be approaching its end

Students campaign to keep geography map library together

Chris Salvano stands above several glass-encased maps in Sierra Hall
Half of the geography department's library collection may be relocated to the Oviatt.

Stopout, a growing and concerning trend among college students

The term college dropout describes a student who decides college isn’t working out the way they thought it would so they leave and never...

CSUN Republicans to bring more perspectives to campus

CSUN students crowd the walkways between classes
What began as a Facebook page is now possibly becoming a club on campus.

Sex workers in higher education

Correction: The statistics cited in Sarah Elspeth Patterson's research are from two separate studies headed by Dr. Ronald Roberts of Kingston University, London. The...
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