CSU rolls out expansion of online courses

With record enrollment highs and a potential increase in budget, the CSU system will offer online courses ranging from free no-credit classes to degree-completion...

Interactive timeline of CFA, CSU negotiations

Protester carries picket sign
A chain of events led to the CFA's announcement of a potential strike

Education emphasized at Pan African studies department’s 42nd anniversary

By Eniola Jose The importance of education incorporating ethnic studies was emphasized during CSUN’s Pan African studies department’s 42nd anniversary celebration in the USU Grand...

Lots of love for ‘Paris’

Star rating: 4 out of 5 With terrorist attacks, drug busts, romance and gun battles, the new movie from Lionsgate, "From Paris With Love," has...

Students intern in Cannes, France

“It was incredible.” So said Terri Ann Driggs when asked about her experience at the Cannes Film Festival. This past summer, CSUN had two very fortunate...

Employers will hire fewer college graduates compared to 2017

woman sits and focuses on computer screen
With graduation fast approaching, the class of 2018 prepares to enter a workforce that is hiring fewer new graduates.

USU to offer peer mentoring programs for LGBTQ and veterans

The University Student Union has developed two new peer-mentoring programs to offer help to LGBTQ and veteran students. “The purpose of the two peer-mentoring programs...

Filmmaker puts cameras in hands of indigenous youth in Panama

Panamanian filmmaker, Anayansi Prado, visited CSUN to share her experience working with indigenous youth in Panama to create short documentaries about their communities on...

Student demonstrations aim to make a statement

Students used cans of compressed air to "clean the exterior walls of The Sundial"
Communications students used controversial issues as inspiration for the performances

Democrats optimistic about keeping Senate; House likely to stay GOP-led

Information provided by McClatchy-Tribune Wire Service WASHINGTON—Democrats appeared to retain control of the Senate on Tuesday while Republicans will continue to rule the House of...

Too close to call

CSUN's tied 48-48 with 4:31 to go. Tremaine Townsend has four fouls. So does Jaime Serna of UCSB.

Anorexia survivor speaks of battle with the disease

An Anorexia survivor shared the story of her struggle with the disease to students and faculty as part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week.Chelsea Roff...
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