‘Green Book’ and the trope of the white savior complex

Hollywood and their use of the "white savior"

The damage done by the Smollett case

Who was really affected by the Smollett case?

‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death’: An intriguing, but skewed exhibit

The infamous museum documents the checkered history of psychiatry, but does so from a conspiratorial perspective

East Coast interns: Students represent CSUN in Washington, D.C.

Students reflect on their first month in the CSUN in D.C. Internship Program

Consequences of childhood bullying

The after-effects of childhood bullying

How big companies use blackface

Prada, Gucci and even Katy Perry have created racist products

Be a victor not a victim

The benefits of changing a victim mentality.

How students cope with loss

Students reach out for the support they need when it comes to grief

The heightened use of plagiarized essay services

The increasing problem schools face with plagiarism

How to be sure your New Year’s Resolutions stick

A few suggestions on how to keep up with all your New Year's resolutions

The new democrats and the division in Congress

A picture of the United States Capitol Building taken early in the morning
What America can expect if Congress continues to remain divided

The common misconception about expressing emotions

Sign on the wall
We need to stop telling others how to feel
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