A little bit of college, and a whole lot of grace

woman sits at edge of pond while reading a book
A reflection on the importance of finding academic and emotional balance.

Our World Now: Not the Solution

red and green writing on a political cartoon
An examination of the hypocrisy related to the public's rejection of violence and media's continued glorification of it.

Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Dean Say &...

large bold white lettering in front of a black laptop and a newspaper
Dear Dean Say,We write you as concerned members of the core group of alumni and former faculty that founded the Central American Studies minor...

Preserving papers: Student newsrooms at risk

vintage black and white photo of 1959 Sundial Staff happily posing
Student newsrooms are vital establishments for future journalists and for their university community, and provide the opportunity for students to present their thoughts, facts and opinions.

Our World Now: Military Spending

political cartoon with beige background and donald trump speaking to a woman
$716 billion in funding allotted for military spending

Letter to the Editor: We Need to Acknowledge and Address Our...

large bold white lettering in front of a black laptop and a newspaper
RE: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Graduation rates and course grades for underserved student populations (Black, Latinx, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, and American Indian...

Our World Now: Islands in Peril

blue purple green and red writing with a beige background
The threat sea levels pose to your summer plans is rising.

Learn from the past (or we’ll all be doomed to repeat...

a large green tree on top of a shattering Earth thats floating in the sky
The alarming parallels between present climate conditions and Earth's deadliest mass extinction event in the Permian.

Letter to the Editor: From an Older, Elder Advocate.

a newspaper and a black laptop with Letter To The Editor written over them in big white letters
Dear Editor, Every day on the local and national news, we hear stories about sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse, harassment, police abuse, discrimination, school...

The necessity of safe spaces

grey hands touching over blue ground
The reason safe spaces are needed and clearing up misconceptions

Share your opinion: Conflict in Syria

child passed out with air tank while man in dressed in blue holds him
What is your opinion about a potential missile strike on Syria?

Stepping beyond your limits

different countries flags blowing in the wind
Exploring other perspectives is a key part of the college experience. What are you losing by not stepping beyond your boundaries?
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