Congress should repeal the Small Business Jobs Act

Arguing for the government: Gabe Cwern Recently President Obama signed a $42 billion small business-lending bill into law. Although the intent of the bill...

Environmental justice issues in Los Angeles are impacting our health —...

Last month, one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of batteries, Exide Technologies, began shutting down its recycling plant in Vernon, leaving behind...

In Cops We Trust

We shouldn't live our lives in fear of the police. They are here to serve and protect.

Sterilizing women prisoners is denying a human a life, future and...

The California Senate Health Committee was presented with a bill on April 2 that aims to close loopholes that allowed for the sterilization of women prisoners without...

Your TV needs more diversity

television with 4 blue faces drawn in it
Have you realized that some of your favorite TV shows have an all-white cast?

Staff Column: You can help victims in Haiti

The Sundial welcomes in another semester and wishes the CSUN community the best of luck this spring. Preparing to crash courses, buy your books...

Staff Editorial: What are you going to do about it?

At the start of this summer we faced the worst stage of our financial crisis.  News was saturated with continuous Wall Street woes, business'...

Coming out as a trans woman

A reflection on trans self-discovery

Sticks and Stones or Civility: Words Have Consequences

“The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one…I believe that I am...

Don’t fool yourself, It’s not private

It's impossible to graduate college without the Internet. It's almost as hard to maintain a social life without it. Search engines are replacing encyclopedias...

Preserving papers: Student newsrooms at risk

vintage black and white photo of 1959 Sundial Staff happily posing
Student newsrooms are vital establishments for future journalists and for their university community, and provide the opportunity for students to present their thoughts, facts and opinions.

Earth’s Climate: On thin ice

political cartoon of the state capital depicted as a buoy
The ticking time bomb for climate change sits in the Arctic.
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