Preserving papers: Student newsrooms at risk

vintage black and white photo of 1959 Sundial Staff happily posing
Student newsrooms are vital establishments for future journalists and for their university community, and provide the opportunity for students to present their thoughts, facts and opinions.

Our World Now: Military Spending

political cartoon with beige background and donald trump speaking to a woman
$716 billion in funding allotted for military spending

Letter to the Editor: We Need to Acknowledge and Address Our...

large bold white lettering in front of a black laptop and a newspaper
RE: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Graduation rates and course grades for underserved student populations (Black, Latinx, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, and American Indian...

Our World Now: Islands in Peril

blue purple green and red writing with a beige background
The threat sea levels pose to your summer plans is rising.

Letter to the Editor: From an Older, Elder Advocate.

a newspaper and a black laptop with Letter To The Editor written over them in big white letters
Dear Editor, Every day on the local and national news, we hear stories about sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse, harassment, police abuse, discrimination, school...

The necessity of safe spaces

grey hands touching over blue ground
The reason safe spaces are needed and clearing up misconceptions

Share your opinion: Conflict in Syria

child passed out with air tank while man in dressed in blue holds him
What is your opinion about a potential missile strike on Syria?

Drops in the bucket: Every vote counts

red vote here banner and various students waiting in line to vote
This week, Matadors flock to their emails to vote for their student representatives. Have you done your homework?

Letter to the Editor: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

a newspaper and a black laptop with Letter To The Editor written over them in big white letters
RE: Traditionally underserved communities graduate from CSUN STEM programs at 23 percent – lowest in CSU system In a recent Sundial article addressing the high...

Title IX videos: Not enough safety?

Stone placard surrounded by rusting debris and green foliage
There are other topics that should be included, such as safety tutorials about active shooters and earthquakes, in registration holds.

To live or to learn

gun with Hoax written as a question mark inside of it
A reaction to the gun threat on campus, now named a 'hoax' by CSUN PD, and what this incident says about our campus' priorities.

Foundation of the future, foundation of today

four African american woman drawn with various mathematical equations in their clothes.
An exploration of the empowering legacies left behind by black women in history.
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