The parking problem

full parking lot
An exploration of why adding more parking spaces will not solve the current parking situation on campus.

Your TV needs more diversity

television with 4 blue faces drawn in it
Have you realized that some of your favorite TV shows have an all-white cast?

CSUNscreen Reviews: The Shape of Water

woman in blue shirt and grey cardigan being held by woman in blue collard shirt and brown cardigan
A review of Del Toro's unique romance and how it changes the way the ASL community is represented in film.

Impacted classes for an impacted future

man and woman sit in a lecture
A criticism of impacted classes, those for which the demand is greater than the seats available, and their impact on graduation rates.

Editorial: The reality of America first

Illustration shows Trump and the Statue of Liberty playing Tug-a-war with the American flag
What will it mean for America to be prioritized?

First generation Americans in conflict

Illustration shows a woman standing in front of various countries' flags
The problem with being an "American": when cultures clash

Tales from the Third Rail Ep. 12: La solidarité

Ryan, Kenny, Nathalie and Sundial staff reporter Danielle Parmentier talk about the recent attacks in Paris and the Facebook responses the attack has garnered.  

Tales from the Third Rail Ep. 9: Black Lives Matter

Sundial Logo: News, Sports, Lifestyle
Ryan and Kenny talk about #BLM with two student leaders of African-American CSUN groups

Big Show, the unnecessary mess

DJ preforms on stage in front of crowd on CSUN campus.
The Opinion editor's account on Big Show.

Election 2016: the messy catastrophe

A close-up look at the unpleasant meeting of 11 GOP presidential contestants and their aligned, nonaligned and misaligned views on the nation's future.

Stand firm and hope for the best

Volleyball players stand together after 18 vacated wins.