Suspending Syrian government a huge mistake

When I, Katherine, first saw news reports of civil unrest and violence in Syria when the “revolution” broke out in March, I was terrified...

Tales from the Third Rail Ep 11

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This week Kenny, Ryan and Nathalie talk about two issues that have caused outrage, one minimal and one massive.

Remembering the Delano Manongs: The Filipinos behind Chavez and Huerta

Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta are two very well-known historical figures and Mexican-American civil rights activists to Californians and Americans across the nation. The...

Student Government Elections? Who gives a %^&*?

My name is Dan Monteleone, Director of Elections of the CSUN Associate Students, Inc. Packets are available at the A.S. Office (USU-100) and are...

Tales from the Third Rail Ep. 4

Ryan, Kenny and Jordan recap on the first several editorials of the semester.  

NBA must change to meet their rival, the NFL

A whopping $1.17 billion on average is what NFL teams were worth as of last season, according to Forbes. Even a team in a godforsaken...

Canonizing genocide

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Step forward, then step back.

Social Media and Relationships

It’s not truly official–until it is Facebook official. New couples connected with the Facebook world can't wait to announce their courtship publicly. Social media is a...

No one deserves to wear the hat!

  It has been almost eight years since the papal conclave elected Pope Benedict XVI as the pope to fill in the shoes of the...

Letter to the Editor: TUC response to The Sundial’s opinion piece

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As the commercial operator on campus, The University Corporation (CSUN Dining) has a strong commitment to sustainability. Because of that commitment, we have...

Is high school long enough?

illustration of students struggling to lift a pencil
One solution to solving a major fault with the high school system.

The criticality of leadership succession planning

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The urgency to recognize planning for the succession of power, not be tied to one leader and leadership qualities.
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