To live or to learn

gun with Hoax written as a question mark inside of it
A reaction to the gun threat on campus, now named a 'hoax' by CSUN PD, and what this incident says about our campus' priorities.

Between a rock and a Harvey place

houses and cars submerged in water
A brief prediction of Hurricane Harvey's influence on the country's political future.

The National Anthem of insult

Antoine Abou-Diwan There is a health insurance provider whose primary motivation is money. This healthcare provider has a propensity to drag its feet or refuse...

Thoughts On H8

Harrison Leonard Contributing columnist I do not support same-sex marriage. This may come as quite a shock to CSUN students, many of who are likely unaware...

The GOP budget: forget the people, let’s amp up the military!

The Republican Party: all talk and no plans.

State of the Union offers promising changes

What will Obama accomplish with the new goals he set forth during his State of the Union Address?

Petraeus coverage reveals media fallacies

  While the sexual revelations of former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus have been exploding in the media, it is equally important to observe and...

If one person isn’t free, then none of us are

What an all-American Weekend – National Freedom Day on Saturday and the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Besides the first weekend in February, these two...

Orcas do not deserve to be canned like sardines

"Blackfish" is a emotion evoking documentary following the story of a SeaWorld whale who is responsible for killing a trainer in 2010. The film...

The results of discipline disorder

Two Northwest Airline pilots were recently suspended for missing their final destination by 150 miles. Their claim was that they were looking at their...

Hurricane follow-up: a brutal one two

photo shows a house collapsed after hurricane irma
A update on September 6th's examination on recent hurricanes' effect on the political landscape.

Editorial columns to expect this semester

Queering Campus with Karlee: The beauty of the word “queer” is the fluidity of its definition. While there is a proud reclamation of the word...
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