CSUN Says: How do you feel about CSUN not having a...

Student being interviewed about footballvideo
CSUN Says Sports Edition Video

Reggie Theus signs contract extension

Reggie Theus coaching the basketball team at CSUN along side with his son, Reggis Theus Jr.
The former NBA player and coach will be in Northridge through 2020

The Senator Enforcer

womans rugby player in action
CSUN rugby player Alyah Thomas splits time as being her team's fullback and as a senator for Associated Students

Gottfried and Matadors ready for upcoming 2018-19 season

csun men's basketball
After a 6-24 season last year, the Matadors are ready for a new year and their fans have plenty to be excited about. The...

A local kid’s dream to make it to the big leagues

csun player practices before game
After a slow freshman and sophomore season, Albee Weiss is making his presence known in his junior year as one of the Matadors’ most consistent offensive players.

NBA should consider realignment of Conferences: Column

The NBA is at a pivotal time in its history. With the rise of new stars in both conferences and the deterioration of once...

CSUN graduate student shows he belongs

CSUN baseball player in white uniform poses with black baseball glove covering the bottom half of his face
Shenefield failed to make the team at San Diego State all four years but never gave up on his dreams of pitching in college baseball.

The youngest star of men’s soccer’s shining on a loaded Matador...

soccer player
Starting college can be a daunting task for any teenager. You’re leaving home for the first time, leaving your friends and family, and starting...

A look at Russell Westbrook’s triple-double spree

Oklahoma City Thunder combo-guard Russell Westbrook added another component to his repertoire this season: triple-doubles. While his scoring tantrums include setting three new career-highs in...

CSUN swim team gets cut by athletic department

The Cal State Northridge men’s and women’s swimming team was discontinued Monday afternoon by the athletic department due to the ongoing statewide financial crisis. “Looking at...

Sophomore pitcher utilizes two sports to calm nerves

How water polo molded one of the Big West's best pitchers
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