A look at Russell Westbrook’s triple-double spree

Oklahoma City Thunder combo-guard Russell Westbrook added another component to his repertoire this season: triple-doubles. While his scoring tantrums include setting three new career-highs in...

Saying goodbye to a true Matador captain

csun soccer player
It was a blazing hot Sunday afternoon on Sept. 2 and the men’s soccer team was winning 3-1 at home over Utah Valley with...

CSUN Archery takes aim for 2018

blue and purple archers arrows embedded in red yellow and blue circular targets
CSUN Archery struggles to stay alive amidst funding cuts and declining interest in the sport

NCAA drug testing adjusts with modern drug habits

Comic shows drugs taking tests
The NCAA has been drug-testing student athletes for performance enhancing drugs and recreational drugs since 1986.

CSUN swim team gets cut by athletic department

The Cal State Northridge men’s and women’s swimming team was discontinued Monday afternoon by the athletic department due to the ongoing statewide financial crisis. “Looking at...

Sophomore pitcher utilizes two sports to calm nerves

How water polo molded one of the Big West's best pitchers

Washington Redskins: Symbol of pride or prejudice?

Although our society has made tremendous leaps in eliminating discrimination and inequality throughout the 21st century, one NFL franchise proves time and time again...

Contributor Predictions: Super Bowl

2018 super bowl logo
Tom Brady's Patriots or the underdog Eagles

Matadors play their final game

Several members of the matador hockey team pose for a photo on the ice
CSUN hockey seniors have played their last collegiate game.

Sports Calendar

illustration of people doing sports
Friday May 11Softball vs Long Beach at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Pride dayBaseball vs UC Davis at 3 p.m.Track and Field, Big West...

Cynthia Sanchez chasing history

csun soccer player looks focused as she blcoks the other team's player
Cynthia Sanchez needs only four goals to become the top scorer in Matador history
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