Matador News: May 6th, 2015

Investigators say the Germanwings co-pilot practiced the plane's descent before crashing into the French Alps last month; a Florida hostage gets help through a pizza-ordering app, and a popular restaurant releases its secret guacamole...

Prop 1 The 2014 Midterm elections are underway! Many Americans have been anticipating this event while others are still trying to figure out what many of the props are. One of the most advertised propositions out...

Matador News: February 18th, 2015

A 90-year-old water main breaks in Hollywood; East Coast residents dig out from under their latest storm, and a beagle wins the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Matador News reporter Ashton Smith talks to...

Metro Parking With the new rail lines designed by Metro and the Los Angeles County, residents will be able to reach new destinations. But with the current rail stations, many commuters are not reaching locations that...

Matador News: March 18th, 2015

A terrorist attack at a Tunisian museum leaves more than twenty dead, a fiery crash in North Hills kills one, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wins re-election in Israel. Matador News reporter Cristal Canedo...
Student shown being interviewed near the Oviatt Libraryvideo

New Study Reveals Consistency In Latino Voting

A new study from Pew Research shows that Latino views on politics has not changed much since 2012.